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Becoming the Ultimate Smoke Slave

by UltSubAsh on Sep 15, 2017

If you would like some context before you read this story, read my posting "A Sexual Autobiography" first. It will provide some background on Elizabeth, Alain and myself, the life we lead, and where my role as a smoke slave fits into our life together. My family and friends know Elizabeth and myself as non-smokers. Our children believe that we consider smok...

Playing the Part

by komrad1156 on Aug 30, 2017

*Standing disclaimer: This story is about the smoking fetish. If that's not your thing, you won't enjoy it. Please don't bother leaving a comment about how bad or awful or disgusting smoking is as it won't change a thing. We all die, right? If people choose to smoke, that's their business. ********* "Are you serious?" "As a heart attack. But here's the de...

Ladies Smoking Fetish

by fantasyboy on Sep 11, 2017

My first sexual feeling I can remember was watching an old black and white television programme in which a secretary was sitting on her bosses lap and smoking a cigarette. From that day on I have always associated females smoking with sex. My next association of sex and smoking was when I was at secondary school. I would go to collect a friend on the way t...

A Smoky Night At The Theatre

by fantasyboy on Sep 11, 2017

It had been a long time since I had met a woman who shared my smoking fetish. So as I set off to a local theatre to watch an amateur dramatic society's version of A Midsummer Nights Dream that thought was a long way from my mind. However as I stood in the foyer before the performance having a cool glass of wine I couldn't help looking around to see which wom...

Project Sister Pt. 02

by Doctork053 on Sep 11, 2017

My plan to turn my sister into a smoker was off to a great start. I went to my room and coaxed out three loads thinking about my beautiful sister smoking. The long white cigarette perched in her perfect lips, her increasingly deep inhales, and the streams of smoke clouding around her angelic face. The next morning I awoke and headed downstairs. Entering the...

Joanne and her Cigars Pt. 03

by jlenil on Sep 15, 2017

It was not so long ago that the thought of everyone in the room looking at me would have given me an anxiety attack. Yet here I was, in front of family and friends, boldly smoking a big cigar, and I felt not nervousness, but something quite the opposite. In today's parlance, I felt "like a boss." Taking a really slow drag, I closed my eyes as the smoke fille...

All Day Tease Ch. 02

by shapeshifter37 on Sep 16, 2017

My stories are based in reality and on real experiences. So let me start by describing my wife, Kelly. At 5'8", she has a very attractive build with great 36C breasts and curves in all of the right places. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and although she won't be modeling on a runway anytime soon, she looks great in sexy attire. She has medium len...

The Smoking Club

by MungoParkIII on Aug 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Gary Franks was simply amazed. Fully aware of the smoking policies for the building he worked in he, couldn't help but be amazed at the timeless endurance of what he called The Smoking Club. They weren't a real club that Gary knew of, more a collection of individuals that, rain or shine, hot or cold, calm or windy, would congregate along a single portion of...

My Smoking Fetish Story

by sophiewilliams on Sep 11, 2017

All persons in this story are 18 years of age or older. * Maybe it began when I was much younger, and easily influenced by adults. Perhaps it began at 18 after watching Sharon Stone during the film Basic Instinct, admiring the way she seductively smoked in the police interview room. But I guess it doesn't matter how or when it started, the fact was I had t...

Boss Spies on Smoking Katie

by fantasyboy on Sep 11, 2017

Thirty year old Katie from Cardiff was happy working for the council and was good at her job and was pleased when her boss told her she had been selected to help out preparing information for the end of the financial year. She was going to start the following Monday and work with an accountant in his offices. It was thought that it would take two weeks to g...