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Knicker Sniffing

by mingeeter on Sep 18, 2017

God it has been quite a long time since I have submitted a story, all true, I have had so many naughty panty sniffing episodes as well. I cannot get enough of having those dirty smelly panties over my nose with the crispy gusset being rubbed over my nose and lips, the aroma and taste is simply intoxicating. Especially if I know the girl or woman whose di...

My Sister Joanne

by mingeeter on Sep 15, 2017

God I used to love to sniff her dirty panties, they always seemed moist and slimy they was never strong or pungent in smell but always tangy when I used to lick her panties that had just been placed in the laundry hamper after being pulled away from that tight naughty pussy. I wanked so many times whilst sniffing and licking her eighteen year old pussy fro...

Mommy Ch. 02

by cummykaze on Sep 15, 2017

Before she knew it I was next to her, kneeling right there and with my head under her skirt. God, I could smell her cunt mmmmmm I just buried my face in her panties and started sniffing. Ah, I knew she was sweaty and her cunt's aroma gave that away. That and the dampness in her panties crotch. I touch her panties with my tongue mmmmmm yummy. - Honey, I stil...

Caught By My Mother-In-law

by mingeeter on Sep 19, 2017

OH my god I have just been so humiliated by my 73 year old very strict mother in-law who was an ex magistrate for 20 years. I had seen her undressed but only over the last year when she had stayed with us her very heavy saggy tits and her very hairy untrimmed bright grey pussy shown accidently to me but no rush to hide that hairy bush from my obvious stare...

Taming Ruchi Ch. 02

by cplyoung1210 on Sep 15, 2017

Warning: The story has some same sex moments, please avoid reading if you are not open to it. ***** I woke up with a shudder, 30-40 minutes after I had fallen asleep. I saw Rahul, sleeping at the other extreme of the bed, completely naked. My sister's panties were lying on the bed, between the two of us. I picked Nikki's panties up, rolled it inwards and...

Endearing Arm(pit)s

by revol on Sep 2, 2017

After the very enjoyable and satisfying cruise came to an end, Jane wanted to take rest in a hotel, and suggested to Ted to stay with her in the city for a while. Ted readily agreed. They danced away merrily in the dance halls and parties, and enjoyed thoroughly. In one dance party, they broke free into an adjacent lonely and darkish garden. In the dance,...

Virgin Aunt's Used Panties

by sniffpanties on Sep 2, 2017

It is rather interesting that my first story about my panty sniffing habits on this site starts with the most recent encounter instead of the very first encounter. However, as this is the freshest memory in my mind, it is fitting that this short encounter be the first to be posted. I will post the rest of my countless panty sniffing adventures in time to com...

Panty: Hello Kitty!

by pantyrehab on Sep 25, 2017

After reading some of this great website's stories, I was inspired to share one of mine. Also because today is Linda's birthday, so this is a great present to share on her behalf. This is a true story that happened last year while vacationing with friends in Vegas. Hank developed a panty fetish in his late teens. Being able to see and know the color, type, m...


by BaileySparrowtree on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

"Caught" "Well, well, well..." as I took a picture with my smartphone, announcing my presence. She looked up at me, shocked. The color gone from her face as she was left speechless. "Hey... look I can explain, I was just..." she started, fumbling her words. "Oh I know just what you were doing, Mollie. You were sniffing my panties... my... dirty, worn pan...

Guys Like Me

by alexcarr on Aug 18, 2017

Many guys like me are blessed with the urge to sniff a female crotch or two, come to that, like me - if you are bisexual, the occasional male is enjoyed too. Like so many sexual pleasures for me the urge to sniff the sex of another is a gift to behold. I did have inhibitions about this when I was younger but as a naturist colleague pointed out to me, animal...