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Zach Ch. 05: He Breeds Mom & Sister

by ZachDocEight on Nov 21, 2017

WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including incest and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is the final story of Zach's initial special powers. Zach Ch. 05: He breeds Mom & Sister Zach breeds his mom and sister before return...

The Wolves Ch. 017

by Exigaet on Dec 3, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Earth Underneath Jarvis Island, South Pacific August 14, 2019 04:48 HST (10:48 EDT) We turned left upon leaving the egg chamber, continuing down the tunnel we were in. We came across a few dragons on our way, but there weren't too many. Soon, we arrived at another set of doors. When they opened, I was afforded a view of a very large cavern, with a lot of...

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 07

by JoMaddox on Jun 26, 2019

Jamie Lovejoy and his mother had their new friends spend the night at their house. The next morning the teenager was in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. His sexy mother Sheila comes into the kitchen in a particularly good mood. "Sweetie, we had quite a night, didn't we?" " I think we may have found there's another mom and son who are just as horny as...

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 05

by JoMaddox on Jun 26, 2019

As the Zoomatic 4k did its thing Sheila Lovecock looked around to make sure that her son Jamie wasn't around. She grabbed the pair of her son's jockey shorts from yesterday out of the clothes hamper and put them up to her face, inhaling the aroma of her teenage son's boyish dried sweat and teenage spunk. Today was laundry day and the gorgeous brunette milf f...

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 04

by JoMaddox on Jun 26, 2019

The next morning young Jamie Harding went downstairs and was greeted by the sight of his sexy mother at the kitchen table, pouring over a ton of papers. "Good morning, sweetie, you sleep good?" "Yea mom...I finally got our first uploaded onto our website just after midnight. It should be out there for the world to see." "Sweetie, I have already checked....

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 08 - Final

by JoMaddox on Jul 1, 2019

As the 18 year old boy lay on his back his sexy mother Donna pulled the boys cum filled balls back and dove in. In an instant her tongue had hit her target. The boy pulled his legs back to give his mom better access to her son's muscular ass. "MOM!! SHIT!! MOM!! YOUR LICKING...MY...ASSSS!!" The cute little blonde said nothing, letting her horny tongue do h...

The Amulet Ch. 01

by bt127 on Sep 15, 2017

The Amulet Chapter 1, Part 1 Cade Walker was walking home from school one day when he saw it. Lying there in the ground right next to the sidewalk. Only one third of it was out and the rest was concealed in the dirt. It looked like it could be valuable so he reached down and grabbed it. But it wouldn't come out. It was almost as if someone was holding on to...

Making Porn: A Mom & Son LUST Story

by silkstockingslover on Oct 21, 2019

Summary: After Mom gets caught masturbating, Mom and Son make a porno. Note 1: This is an April Fool's Day 2016 Contest story because what I think is a sweet twist ending. Note 2: Although this is written under my name, it is a collaborative effort with a fan who came up with the plot, as well as much of the dialogue of the mother-son scene. Thanks again!!...

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 01

by JoMaddox on Jun 26, 2019

The divorce was going to be hard on Sharon Harding. She had suspected that something was wrong for years. At one time the 37 year old raven haired beauty thought she had the perfect life. She had a great marriage to a good looking and very rich husband, a wonderful teenage son who was the spitting image of his sexy father, and a million dollar house in the s...

Think Mom's Sexy Now?

by lovecraft68 on Sep 15, 2017

Author's note: Welcome to my latest story. This is a simple and fun little piece that I wrote loosely based on a video clip by popular 'mom' porn star Jodie West. Of course being me I had to add quite a bit to the simple premise, but that's the fun of writing. Enjoy, LC68. ***** "Hey Mom, you sleeping?" I asked outside her bedroom door. Ronnie's had been...