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Female Led Relationship

by CuckoldGuy on Sep 14, 2017
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Female led relationship, FLR is becoming the common, accepted life style. Girls are born with a natural instinct to be care givers and mothers which in a way makes them natural leaders. Boys on the other hand, come into the world as wild animals. They have to be domesticated. In their formidable years their mothers domesticate them by giving them spankings...

My Daughter Cuckolds Me 02

by cuckolddaddy on Sep 15, 2017

Now that my daughter was of age and her mother had enlisted her help to cuckold me she made a plan to include our son upon his return from college. Jason was 21 years old and Chrissy was 18. I really didn't think that Jason would be up for having his daddy suck his cock or offer his ass for the fucking. I guess we'll find out I thought as Friday approached a...

My Daughter Cuckolds Me 01

by cuckolddaddy on Sep 15, 2017

My step daughter Chrissy had recently turned 18 and was becoming more difficult to deal with then the previous few years. She was a bitch and rarely was there a day that went by where she did not challenge her mother or myself. Chrissy came home unexpected last night and she caught her mother and I in a provocative position. You see her mother cuckolds me a...

Black Cuckolds In Jamaica

by Samuelx on Sep 13, 2017
Interracial Love

For those of you who think Black cuckolds don't exist, you really need to stop watching the fake shit they show in porn and get to know real couples, seriously. My name is Michelle Monroe-Kingston and I'm a young Black woman of Jamaican descent living in the City of Randolph, Massachusetts. I recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst...


by CuckoldGuy on Sep 12, 2017
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The true stories that I've posted here on about my cuckolding have generated many emails to me. Some hateful and some asking me to coach or mentor them but most with questions or comments so I thought I would post some of them here. Anyone seeking advise from me, I make it clear that I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist. I'm an engineer but...

The Fire Which Burn a Marriage

by Tiberius_Daniel on Jul 16, 2019
Loving Wives

A very effective and original BTB. The fire was real, but anything else it's a fiction; any concordance with reality is only accidental. First Chapter It was 15 April 2019, a fateful day that I couldn't forget. I was heading for 'L' Île de la Cité" when I caught her french kissing a guy in one of the many cafes that make Paris famous. I stormed in, only...

Denisa Cuckolds & Cheats

by gonzi2 on Sep 17, 2017
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It was now 1946, Lady Denisa had been persuaded by her husband Lord Henry to have sex with a black man while he watched. She'd assumed he'd use her eighteen-year-old lover Kenny, so when a second man had mounted her while she was blindfolded and tied to the bed she welcomed his big cock. However her lover's entry felt different, less urgent more intent on g...

Sigma Omega Sigma Ch. 07

by SEVERUSMAX on Jul 3, 2018

Fucking Jessica was beyond delicious. That Beta knew precisely what to do with my cock and how to pleasure it to the max. She sucked it, rode it, and was used by it hard from behind plenty before I finished with her. She certainly creamed herself more than once, though she had to bite her bottom lip and fight the urge to scream her release as I pounded her m...

Time Warp Girls From Chester Ch. 05

by mountian299 on Sep 15, 2017
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"I guess that is a yes," as we kissed and I said, "Pillow we have a guest tonight." "Please take me now this instant right here for all to see my love." I looked at Joyce and she said, "You best do what your mistress says my love." With that I started on her toes worked my way up to her pussy blew on it and went down her other leg. I nibbled on her calve a...

Black Cuckolds In Brockton

by Samuelx on Sep 1, 2017
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Salutations, dear reader. How in hell are you? I'm Wendy Portage, a six-foot-tall, thick, dark-skinned and sexy, big-booty Haitian mama living in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. I recently graduated from Massasoit Community College with a degree in Nursing, and I'm a manager at Sears. Life is okay for these days, but things can definitely get better! I...