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The Spanking Game

by quagmires on Sep 13, 2017

I skimmed at the personal ads with bored indifference until I spotted a headline that read "The Spanking Game." At the word spanking, I have always felt a tingle on my spine that makes me pause. I felt taken aback to see a headline like this in my local paper and perused the ad. "English Gentlemen, 35, employed, well groomed, single, clean, seeks mate for lo...

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The Senior Trip Ch. 08

by SteveLee1146 on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

All four were in good humor, the sexual conversation adding to their enjoyment at having visited something that was foreign to Lynwood, a shopping center, and looking forward to the evening tour. That good humor, however, began to wear thin as 8:00 approached and Judy and Angela still had not arrived. Eight o'clock arrived and, several minutes later, so did...

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Spanking Jessica Alba

by jv1983 on Sep 13, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Now, I don't know if Jessica Alba likes to be spanked, but a guy can dream, can't he? ********************************* The ad read "Dashing, young college guy looking for a cute yet naughty girl to discipline. About me: 23 years old, Latino, average height/medium build (5'5" 180 lbs.), full-time college student, have my own place near downtown LA that's s...

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The Facility Ch. 02

by spankmehard1984 on Sep 14, 2017

I walked with Vanessa to the end of the block to where Blue's Diner was located. It was at the end of the same block, which had The Facility. Blue's Diner was your average greasy spoon that somehow survived in 2013 despite the big chain coffee shops. I opened and held the door open for Vanessa; she smiled and looked down as she walked in. I noticed she had r...

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Enraptured by Spanking

by quagmires on Sep 12, 2017

On my break at work I often log onto to various spanking websites to drool over stories and pictures. I am always careful to delete my browsing history before finishing my break. So I was startled when Winston, an Englishman who transferred from London to our branch in New York a few weeks ago, sat beside me one afternoon in the break room, and whispered "I...

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I Don't Tell Anyone about Spanking

by Nemarle on Sep 17, 2017

My dad used to spank my bare butt, right up until my first period, and I was aware that my period was the reason he stopped doing that. I never thought the spanking was sexual, and he probably did not intend it to be sexual. However, if you want me to believe you care about me, you better figure out to spank me. On my bare butt. First date- that works for me...

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Naughty Girl Needs a Spanking

by Spankingsshouldhurt on Aug 5, 2019

Dear readers, Before I begin, I would like you to know that everything detailed below are real life experiences between myself and Tiffany. Naturally I have changed the names to aliases, but outside of that, everything is 100% true. Today I am in a predicament, Tiffany has indicated that she has intentionally played hooky from work for the day. Typically...

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Chastity Keyholder Sexting

by her_pantyboy on Aug 31, 2017

This morning my Keyholder was at work and i was 1200 miles away locked in a CB6000s chastity cage with a plastic numbered lock (485807). i was telling Her how much i missed Her and we were just talking about everyday life, when in the background i heard one of Her male coworkers bring Her a cup of coffee. As he gave it to Her, She said, "thanks bitchboy". i...

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'Sensual' v 'Disciplinary' Spanking

by Sir_Winston54 on Sep 11, 2017
How To

In more 30 years as a practicing (non-professional) Dominant, I've discussed this subject a number of times, with both submissives and Dominants. Some of them had been "lifestyle" for many years, some for only year or two, and others were beginners. The topic was: What is the difference between spankings (or flogging, or caning, etc.) of a "sensual" nature a...

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A Day For Anticipation

by rembrandt on Sep 12, 2017

So much is in the preparation. He knows I love it, so he milks my obedience for all it is worth. Every now and then he will ask me in the morning, before we both head off to work, if I've 'been naughty?' This alone sends me into a kind of subdued ecstasy. A simple phrase which holds such weight between us. That he would never ask me without ensuring that I...

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