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BluBalls for Kitty's BootBoy Ch. 08

by KittyZateez on Apr 4, 2018

I had slowly building up my BootBoy with some ongoing fun and games, but now it was time to start getting kinkier! So far, in tonight's little boot-teasing activities, I had mostly been showing off and letting my BootBoy do relatively tame things to my boots, like touching them and kissing them. Of course, this fun had been preceded by lots of brazen and sh...

Kitty's Sensual Prick Teasing Pt. 04

by KittyZateez on Feb 6, 2018

We've been playing a little "follow me" game, with me strutting around in front of you in my shiny black, thigh-high spike-heeled boots. My tiny little black vinyl booty shorts are hiked up my ass so my butt cheeks are spilling out, and they really accentuate my curvy rump. And so does the wiggly jiggly strut I'm performing for your visual titillation... I'...

Her Bully's College Roommate

by samwalser on Sep 26, 2017

Amy was giddy with excitement when her parents dropped her off at the Central University of North Texas. Everything was about to change for her. She'd been teased and bullied all through high-school for her appearance (she's barely five feet tall, skinny, flat-chested (but with big, sensitive nipples, and freckled) and for her general nerdiness—she read a lo...

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The Dominatrix Order Pt. 02 Ch. 03 - Romance

by Jwwsmith on Feb 12, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

The next afternoon, Johanna invited many of the Goddesses of the Council over for lunch. Much to everyone's surprise, Representative Pencalia arrived as an uninvited guest. Pomona prepared a fine meal as the Goddesses deliberated over various issues. Pomona was very accommodating to the guests, serving them tea and salad and shrimp. She even placed cloth nap...

In Need Of A Bitch Girlfriend

by ChickenchChowMein on May 8, 2017

This is under new management, feel free to add and comment. Somehow, there are a new set of rules to be taken in count: 1.- MC will never enjoy, get used to or like the flavor of semen. 2.- Absolutely no men in diapers. Women can wear them. 3.- Almost anything is allowed, except underaged characters, bestiality, guro (you know, main rules), chastity devices...

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by Mstr_Mike on Jul 15, 2020
How To

Risk/Reward: a simple game of hypnotic edging denial and bliss Warning: playing this game can be risky, it has been known to drive even the most prudish girls mad with lust. Play at your own risk. To play the game you need a simple countdown timer with a buzzer and a pair of hypnotically enchanted panties. If you don't yet have the latter please read the u...

Humiliated Housemaid Ch. 02

by naughtyallan on Jun 19, 2018

In my previous entry i described how i flew to Los Angeles to serve as a housemaid and party toy for a very kinky couple. In the morning, i served as a naked maid again. Working from Master Damien's instructions, i prepared a lovely breakfast in Their kitchen, then served it to Them in Their bed. Master Damien then subjected me to an elaborate cuckold teas...

Linda's First Self Denial

by ocontrol4u on Sep 19, 2017

Linda was determined this time. She needed to feel the exquisite torture of being teased. She wanted to be able to prolong the pleasure of arousal as she had experienced in the past. Linda and her partner had been split up for a few months and her mind and body were returning to 'normal'. She wasn't dating again yet, but her body's desires were attempting...

My Poor Suffering Cuckold Pt. 01

by boobygirlie on Sep 14, 2020

Sunday morning and I'm doing my chores while my lovely boob mistress rests in bed after a good night at the disco with her friends. I bring her the breakfast in bed. "Oh good morning honey, thank you! You are so sweet my cuckold!" "It's a pleasure for me to serve you boob mistress." "I know pet! Oh I had such a wonderful night yesterday! That see throug...

Another Nice Arrangement

by onall4s2112 on Apr 25, 2018

This is a story of financial domination. All characters are adult and willing participants. If you don't like Femdom fetishes, please search for other stories. ***** Another Nice Arrangement Jeff sat on the sofa and squished his thighs together, smashing his swollen balls between them. It had now been three weeks since he had his last orgasm and the sens...