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A Day of Self Denial

by foxywoman on Sep 19, 2017

His tongue was on my clit. Again and again the warm, wet roughness of it flicked across that button of flesh, making me rise higher and higher into a familiar plane of excitement. I was moaning and groaning with a pleasure that began to feel like an aching agony of wanting to cum. Ron knew how to make me cum. He knew me like a book he'd written himself. He c...

Allison's New Life Ch. 17

by Goldeniangel on Sep 14, 2017
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Allison was pretty good that week - even though on Monday Diana invited her to join in with her and Chad again. Her friend seemed understanding that she didn't want to crawl into bed with any new guys, but her refusal to have another threesome with her and Chad made her friend a little confused. Later that night Allison explained the reasons for it to her an...

Taming the Dom

by Ben Rosewood on May 31, 2019

This story has been created with Game Mode in mind. For the best experience, please turn Game Mode on. Your best friend Eddie had said it was urgent. Upon receiving his text, you head to your normal meeting place, Godzilla's Pizza Dojo. The place is covered in framed monster-movie posters and arcade machines that Eddie has topped the high scoreboards on. You...

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Kitty Pimps out Her BootBoy Ch. 03

by KittyZateez on Jul 31, 2018

Author's note: This is the third and last installment of how I pimped out my bootboy to one of my friends. It was written with his assistance as a ghost writer and is from HIS perspective, although I made lots of detailed enhancements. It was a bit odd putting myself in his shoes, as I am always writing from my own female perspective. But I think it turned...

Draught of Denial

by SoftSweetWorld on Feb 6, 2018

(A standalone short.) * She put something in her drink. But not to take advantage... * Someone must have slipped something into her drink. Beyza was usually so careful. Never would she leave her drink unattended in a public space. That was just inviting disaster. And never would she accept a drink from a stranger; only from her closest friends, and even...

Mom's Boy

by HunterDawn on Jun 30, 2019

Author's note: Message me if you have any recommendations, if you have anything you'd like to see in the story, or if I forgot to finish it! I respond to all messages, so don't be shy! Don't forget to follow me if you want to know when I update my stories. Characters (You can customize these) Mary (Mother) Ben (Son)What's next? Begin What's next? Begin...

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Ayame's Tease And Denial

by AuthorMLongmyre on Mar 31, 2020
Interracial Love

One thing I've learned about women is that they tend to share information about the lovers they've had. This isn't to say that men don't do that, but women, I think, use much more detail in describing their sexual exploits. This can be quite intimidating for some men, but for others, it can be quite beneficial. I didn't know it at the time, but Starla, the...

Femdom TV

by fethishboy on Nov 28, 2002

You were walking in the rain. You'd just brought a porno about dominant women. You went to get a taxi cab. There were two people already in there. A gypsy came by and tried to get in. "Can you make room?" she asked. "Sorry, lady, it's filled," you said. You told the driver to drive. She muttered some gypsy curse at you. You get home and t...

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Sarah humiliated

by 9844 on Jul 29, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

You wake up, exited for the big day, but also worried about what you bully has in store for you. *Side note: This story is public, please feel free to add any chapters or storylines that you want.What's next? Last day of school! (Female bully) Sleep away camp (group of bullies) What's next? Last day of school! (Female bully) Sleep away camp (group of bul...

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A Week of Denial: Monday

by zammzamm on Jun 8, 2020

Over the bridge, right onto Sophia St., left onto Amelia St., right again onto Prince Edward St., and finally right into the driveway. The last few turns of my daily commute still felt automatic even though it was a few hours later and quite a bit darker than normal. With deadlines looming at work, I would be staying late every day this week. Stepping out...