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Infinite Scroll


by nymphette on Jun 4, 2018

Alice Marie Fairborn opened her narrow cerulean eyes for the first time in 9 hours, her arms stretched in an energizing motion before leaping off her velvet-draped bed in happiness. She was finally out of high school! She had turned eighteen a week before, and spent it at the local church she and her parents attended every Sunday. Unlike most of her classmat...

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Power Corrupts

by Walter Dee on Aug 27, 2019
Mind Control

Author's Note: While I have a fairly definite idea of where I'd like this story to go, it's possible you might have some better ideas of how certain choices may go. I encourage you, if you'd like to see a certain path explored to add a chapter at the appropriate decision point, and write whatever choice you'd like explored in the Answer text field, and write...

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Poll Results

by RicoLouis on May 3, 2017

This will be the results page for any current and past polls I am running so I can keep the results in one central place for everyone to see. [Category] [Percentage] Teen 98% Incest 94% Science Fiction 94% Fantasy 94% Fan Fiction 90% Fetish 90% Romance 86% Erotic Coupling 86% Group Sex 86% Mind Control 82% Non Consent...

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by olly on Oct 3, 2017
Mind Control

In the first year of your relationship with Emma you were totally happy, but as time went on you found yourself increasingly sexually frustrated. The almost total lack of sex had been taking its toll on you and the relationship. You knew that if things didn’t change your relationship wouldn’t last. Using this logic, buying the Slave4U aphrodisiac off the int...

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Lois Lane's Night Out

by exxxidor456 on Aug 13, 2017
Fan Fiction

**** As with all my stories, I welcome other authors to add chapters! Remember to like and bookmark your favorite chapters! Regular chapters with 5+ likes get a sequel, chapters with 10+ likes get two. End chapters get an epilogue with 10+ likes. Chapters with the most likes & bookmarks get updated first! *** It had come to Lois Lane's attention that the...

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Impregnation Games

by whatever3132 on Sep 9, 2018
Mind Control

(WARNING: Some chapters contain M/M, crossdressing, and feminization, be warned) A group of girls were getting dressed in a high school locker room. All them were eighteen, and were preparing for the end of the school day. Without warning, there was a loud pop and a floating ball appeared in front of them. All of the girls screamed as the orb with a face, we...

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My Pet Slimegirl

by ClassroomOrgy69 on Sep 26, 2017
Science Fiction

You're at the mall, mostly people watching and fantasizing about what you'd be doing if this was a freeuse world, when you see a store that wasn't there last time you were here. Where before, there was one of those many fashion stores for yuppies, you found a curio shop that looks like they sell either cursed trinkits or live mogwais. You enter and look arou...

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Kayla's Job

by taloniv on Jul 21, 2014

Hi! My name is Kayla. I'm about 5'4". I have a slim, tanned, toned body from playing casual sports and jogging on occasion. I have blue eyes and fairly straight, dirty blonde hair that goes down just passed my shoulders and down my front to about my chest. It curls a little near the ends. I have average B cup breasts and a round firm little butt that ca...

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Dick for hire

by Ankoino on Feb 25, 2017

The sign on your office door reads simply, "dick for hire." You've fucked, raped, seduced, and pleasured hundreds of women in your career, whatever your clients want as long as they can pay up when the job is through. Unfortunately you're in a bit of a dry spell. You sit bored and jobless for the ninth day in a row, about to call it a day until you...

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Fuck inspector

by Queen Death on Mar 24, 2016

(NOTE TO READERS AND WRITERS: i want to thank (mr_hyde_06) for the new cover image)__ Harry was 23 years old adult with no girlfriend and a pile of porn mag's, he spent all his time that he was not at work playing video games and checking out the internet, One day he received a weird email titled (((Read [email protected]))) he thought it was junk but b...

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