Tentacle Rape Stories

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Infinite Scroll

The Question

by Tunathetitan on Feb 16, 2020

Looking back, Jenn didn't remember what incited the reason why Kyle wanted revenge on her. She used to be a right bitch but She couldn't remember Kyle for the life of her. But she did remember how she got to where she is now. It started when she was getting ready for school when her phone rang. "Hello?" Jenn responded. It was a bit earlier than sh...

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The Domination of Mankind

by cgraven on Sep 16, 2017

Merica sat in class she just couldn't believe she had made it into college. She had always been smart and that had caused her to be resented by the other girls. Merica could still feel the sting of their comments. "All she dose is study…Thinks she's to good for us…She must be a Lizzey you never see her with a boy friend." Her mind slowly came back to the pre...

The D.I.C.K.S

by Bisexual Zam on Apr 2, 2021
Science Fiction

The department of Inter-dimensional cryptids, kabbals and spells is a secret, international organisation dedicated to the management of magical artifacts and prophesies. The securing containing and protection of them if you will. The agents of this department are extremely overworked, due to the nature of the job they only get one day off a year. Most agents...

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Brave New World

by NytGamez on Sep 19, 2017

Bart Vasco was an asshole. Jackie Cooper, Science Officer aboard the cargo ship Key West, swore softly under her breath as she slipped the lightweight enviro-suit over her ship uniform. Ten hours dirtside on a planet that had never been recorded, much less identified, and she wasn't to leave the ship? Chances like this came across once in a lifetime, if tha...

Interview with Tentacle Demon Ch. 11

by PervOtaku on Sep 25, 2017

CHAPTER 11: COUNSELOR Claire pulled away from the Institute gate, on her way home. It was already getting dark. After several long weeks of work, she had finally finished all of the analysis of Lauren's remains. The data she collected was very interesting and very puzzling. She was turning it all over in her head, trying to develop a theory of how it all fi...

Interview with Tentacle Demon Ch. 08

by PervOtaku on Sep 25, 2017

CHAPTER 8: CONVICT The guards escorted her in and made her sit down at the table, across from Claire. "Who the fuck are you?" she demanded. "I'm Dr. Claire Thompson, I work for the government, and I think we can help each other," she answered. She read from the file in front of her, "Lauren Mayes. Convicted and sentenced to death at 24, incarcerated for 17...


by WFEATHER on Sep 26, 2017

"Master," she asked softly, "what is it about tentacles that You find so interesting?" "Why ask about that now?" I countered. My sweet slave and I were enjoying an afternoon at the aquarium, one of her favorite places to visit. she stood practically against the glass of the large octopus tank as I stood behind her, My arms around her waist. "Well, Sir,...

For The Love of Botany Ch. 1

by Athena_e19 on Sep 18, 2017

Sarah couldn't wait to find out about the new botanical project Mr. Sanchez had asked her to work on. She quickly ran down the hallways towards the laboratory deliberately ignoring the stares of her males co workers. She knew why they watched. It wasn't everyday a tan brunette beauty in a short skirt ran down the hallway each step exposing more and more of h...

Unexpected Happenings

by Mightybond123 on Sep 19, 2017

The following story is obviously fictional. If you do not like bondage, tentacle sex, nor do you like them together, I warn you, hit your back button now. It is not "scary" in the tradition sense, but many people, even porn addicts, find material such as this disgusting and untraditional Please no harsh criticisms, if you can reply and post your opinion on i...

Tentacle Society

by RachelFacial on Jul 17, 2017

The year is 9 TE (decreed as the Tentacle Era, or 2026 if you're going by the Resistance Model) and most of the known world is in a state of blissful, orgasmic peace. After almost twenty years of being molested by infinite hordes of tentacles, humanity has all but forgotten the meaning of "rape". All sex, whether invited or not, has become somethin...

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