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How to Submit a Text with Audio Story

by SunrockSin on Sep 18, 2017
How To

Once you have completed writing and recording your Text with Audio Story with all the embellishments and effects you need, you are ready to submit your work to Literotica. Unlike your other submissions to Literotica, submitting a Text with Audio Story is a two step process since you will be submitting your sound file separately from your text file. The more...

How to I-Phone Your Text with Audio

by Zrnko_Pisku on Sep 1, 2017
How To

Over the years in submitting stories to Literotica and competing in their Survivor Contest I have noticed that, except for a few gifted writers, the Text with Audio and Poetry with Audio categories have been avoided. This was especially true in the Survivor Contest where I watched contestants sweat out the weekly lottery in the UK hoping to get the two covet...

How to Write for a Text with Audio

by SunrockSin on Sep 12, 2017
How To

When preparing to write something as a Text with Audio submission for Literotica you will first need to decide upon one of two possible courses to follow. Invariably the Text with Audio submissions at Literotica all either fall into the very popular lightly scripted pieces written mostly in first or second person point of view with a lot of descriptive passa...

M4F - Technical Difficulties Update

by digital69 on Oct 14, 2017
Text With Audio

* * * * * Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (3 min/mp3) * * * * * Hello Literotica. I wanted to give you all an update and let you know what is going on. After I posted my first audio story, I got about 30 comments from people asking me to create more, which I really want to do. However, I don't typically write my own erotica. I come he...

Mohana, Audio Interpretation

by theravenfox on Sep 16, 2017
Text With Audio

Hello all you naughty boys and girls of Literotica. I’m back with another audio version of a text story that I’m submitting. The text version is also called Mohana and should be coming out any day now. Please, don’t forget to leave me feedback and votes for BOTH the text version of this story as well as the audio version that you’ve come to expect from me....

Under My Wing, Audio Interpretation

by theravenfox on Sep 11, 2017
Text With Audio

Hello all you naughty boys and girls of Literotica! Welcome to my first real foray into Literotica taboo land. This story features one of the hottest and naughtiest subjects out there on the internet - incest! If that bothers you, listeners, then please, listen no further. If you think it's a good bit of kinky fun, then enjoy! This story is an audio interpre...

How to Create Some Special Effects

by SunrockSin on Sep 1, 2017
How To

Like my earlier article, How to Record a Text with Audio Story, this article is primarily geared to those new to recording Text with Audio stories for Literotica or those not very familiar with Sound Recorder. Sound Recorder is limited in what it can do and certainly has few of the special effects and other capabilities that many other sound and recording so...

DEV - A Christmas Fable

by smotp on Sep 19, 2017
Text With Audio

A Christmas Fable... ... is set late on Christmas Eve, after you have finished all the preparations for the day to come. You are snatching a few moments for yourself before going to bed. Something delightful happens and Santa brings you a special Gift. Relax and enjoy... **** Directed Erotic Visualisation is an autosuggestion protocol that promotes relaxa...

A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)

by theravenfox on Sep 14, 2017
Text With Audio

Hello all my naughty boys and girls of Literotica! What you're about to hear is my entry into Literotica's Earth Day contest. I've wanted to do a non-consent reluctance audio for some time now and this seemed like a great opportunity. There are actually three voices in this one. One is a male voice, however he is the sheriff taking my statement about my orde...

DEV: MSP - Lust in the Machine

by smotp on Sep 19, 2017
Text With Audio

DEV for Women: MSP -- Lust in the Machine Welcome to my Seventh Audio Experience for Women Only posted on Literotica! 'My Special Place (MSP) is the generic name I have given to my themed BDSM Erotic Audio Experiences, this new Experience, 'Lust in the Machine' takes you down into my Dungeon where I keep all my extra special toys. If you have wondered what...