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The Ride of a Lifetime

by CuriousJ95 on Nov 6, 2018
Transgender & Crossdressers

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at writing. I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to get some feedback from everyone. Please be honest in what you think...I can take it. This is a true fantasy of mine. *** I'm a curious man that is married to a wonderful woman but as time has passed our sex life has diminished quite a bit. We still occasionally enjoy...

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Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 06

by JerryJonesAfrique on Sep 14, 2017
Novels and Novellas

*** Banks entered the kitchen ten minutes later. He had gone to his room to put on a t-shirt and camouflage-colored three-quarter shorts. A jug of cold milk and empty tumblers were on the kitchen table He saw Vanessa and Mike talking to each other in low tones each sipping from a glass of milk. Mike wore an apron over his white inner vest. He was tall and m...

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The Birthday Wish

by SirWilliam_ny on Sep 14, 2017
Group Sex

For almost two years she had been talking of picking up a random guy to fuck while I watch, it usually plays into our sex life with the use of a variety of toys. My baby girl's birthday was quickly approaching, I really wanted to make this a special one. I placed a ad on Craig's list, and began meeting with potential participants, taking their information if...

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Leading Him Astray Ch. 02

by CyberFrog on Sep 13, 2017

It was another week before I got to see Andy again. A week of slightly awkward, apprehensive texts and online conversations which grew bolder and bolder as we got used to the change in our relationship. Finally, on a Friday morning I got the text I was hoping for. "Day off work, on my way over to yours for some corruption. A xx" If anyone saw my grin, the...

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Truck Slut

by Lady_Fiona on Sep 17, 2017

Her heart hammered as she sat in the layby, waiting for her liaison. Jessica, suddenly bored with being a little fat housewife and mother, had taken her life, looked at it and found it wanting. On the back of that decision she had taken her free time into her own hands and posted an advertisement on an x rated website, trying to entice more spice into her li...

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A Night Away from Home

by John_lord on Sep 14, 2017
Group Sex

My name is John; I am 35 years old, well built, have been married for 5 years, have 1 kid and live in Nottingham. My wife Jane is 30, a beautiful petite. I am a consultant and my work requires me to travel a lot and with lots of travel there are always lots of interesting encounters. This is one of them and yes it is a true story. I got off the plane at 6:3...

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The Commuter Ch. 03

by WilliamShakespear on Sep 17, 2017

Chris saw Joanne run down the platform the next morning. "Running late?" he asked watching her breasts move inside her tee-shirt and remembering their taste and the feelings of her nipples hardening to his touch. "Yes," she replied, smiling, "I had a good nights sleep," "Good," he said as the train pulled up and they assumed their normal seats. She follow...

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More Than An Office Romance

by candyflossbaby on Sep 12, 2017

Claire was relaxed in a luxurious bubble bath when her mind was wondering. She often had music playing while she spent an hour or two in the bathroom, this time she was listening to things such as Usher -- Trading places and Kings of Leon -- Sex on Fire; needless to say there was something on her mind, and it wasn't what she was going to make for dinner that...

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My Big Futa Sister Ch. 03

by DankBulbasaur on Dec 17, 2018

Author's Note: Be sure to read the previous chapters. ***** I once again had trouble sleeping thinking about the day I spent with Allison seeing her suck herself and swallow her cum. To top it off, I bump into Allyson, my ex girlfriend who once meant the world to me. Seeing her for the first time since we broke up six months ago was kinda hard on me since...

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Mr. and Mrs. Chang

by hardleo on Sep 24, 2019
Interracial Love

Fair warning. I am not a writer, there will probably be grammar issues. If you want great description and deep backgrounds, this is probably not it. Themes of raceplay, cuckolding, wittol, ntr .......... Mr. and Mrs. Chang’s anniversary was coming up. Simon knew it was an important one. Michelle and Steven Chang has been married for 25 years now, and his...

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