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Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 07

by Gussie on Sep 19, 2017

Dear readers: You may be totally confused by this story. If you are please read the sequences leading up to Saturday Evening following Nude Monday. OUR FIRST NUDE BARBEQUE. The idea of barbequing in the nude thrilled, and amused, us all. After discussions in the kitchen it was agreed that Parlour Girl would have her outer nipple bars replaced by two loo...

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My sisters familar

by Posidengaming on Nov 3, 2018

(Feel free to add new chapers.Nothing will happe. If you dont add on. Im to lazzy to.) Dan walked into the street leading up to his house. Another day of crummy school over. Now he was 18, he didn't actually have to go to school. Well, technically. Of course his parents wouldn't let him quit. He'd come too far to give up now. He wished he didn't have to go t...

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Fairest Juliette Ch. 02

by wordsinthedust on Aug 17, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

I woke up in the middle of the night with my bedroom lit up almost like it was morning. The moon was nearly full and beaming in bright enough that my bed was illuminated. I got up, pulled the curtains closed, and went back to bed. The next morning, I got up, showered, threw on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Walking past my f...

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Un pouvoir absolu

by zbloutch on May 11, 2019
Mind Control

John Doe se reposait devant la télévision, assis sur le canapé, l'esprit vaguement concentré sur l'écran et sur la présentatrice qui présentait le JT de 20h de ce dimanche 20 octobre 2019. Il avança sa main et caressa une chevelure blonde. Celle-ci appartenait à une jeune femme vêtue d'un string pour tout vêtement. Cette absence d'autre vêtement dévoilait un...

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TF City

by Drake G. Reaper on Aug 13, 2019
Fan Fiction

There exist several magical cities throughout the multiverse. These cities will either replace a pre-existing or simply appear in an area with enough space for the city. The Tf cities are all individually themed to one type of transformation with various districts with there own theme creating varied transformations. Such wonderful cities include the Flabulo...

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Free use world

by envywest on Apr 7, 2017
Science Fiction

This was the first story I wrote and I'm very sorry for all the errors. Bad writing, bad story. But hey, at least it's free -EnvyWest _____ 200 years ago, in the age of enlightenment, men found out that women have no soul. It made men believe women are nothing more than things to be owned. Stealing or damaging any owned woman is still illegal, but it is seen...

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Hypnosis tf Ch. 04-Business

by FinnJohnson on Jul 30, 2018
Mind Control

A message from The Lost Nomad: Finn Johnson is dead. They found him lying facedown on his desk working on this piece. He was killed by a sword through the unbelievable as that sounds. We decided it was only fitting we honor his memory by posting what he managed to complete of this story. There was another story, but it had barely begun, so it will...

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Une soirée magique

by zbloutch on Jul 15, 2019

La ville de Fort-Sépia était un endroit sans histoire. Les jours et les nuits qui s'y écoulaient se déroulaient généralement sans imprévus, et le soir ou commence cette histoire ne semblait pas faire exception à la règle. Au milieu des maisons plongées dans l'obscurité, une seule se démarquait. Ses fenêtres allumées et les silhouettes qui bougeaient, sans pa...

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Ranma 1/2: Anything Lewd Goes

by Ranko on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Ranma 1/2 is a legendary series that mixed martial arts, romance, comedy, and a healthy dose of good ol' Japanese lewdness. It's massive cast of characters and chaotic world lend it to all kinds of unique situations and kinky ideas. Ancient Chinese curses, magical items, enemies with strange powers, plants with bizarre properties! Any kink or fetish you can...

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by mistyfdfa on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This work of fiction involves huge growth as a woman overdoses on a transformational pill and becomes an altersex demoness with a huge cock. So if you are bothered by a woman growing a penis, by huge anatomy, or drug use I would hit back. ***** "You're on in five, 'liv! You okay?" Sara Miller, aka Skarla, offered a hand and Olivia Martinez, aka Peri Peppe...

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