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Infinite Scroll

The Gamer, Chyoa edition.

by TheDespaxas on Sep 26, 2017
Science Fiction

It all started yesterday. John just had his 18th birthday and when he woke up the next day everything had changed. As his alarm clock rang he was surprised to see a large frame floating in mid air in front of him. New quest: get ready for school. wash yourself get dressed eat breakfast use the bathroom Reward 20 xp Optional: masturbate Reward 10 xp AC...

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Gamer Girls Gone Nude

by writerperson on Sep 26, 2017

Girls playing video games! What an alluring situation! There's just something about a girl who's willing to grind her way to victory, so let's celebrate them with four stories of gamer girls gone nude! First comes Zoe, the college gamer girl with short black hair who has little luck at first person shooters until she discovers that she plays much better in...

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Wii Sex, 2120 AD

by interrobang on Sep 16, 2017
Erotic Horror

The door to the men's room swung open, and a tall blond girl with fishnet stockings and a very short skirt strode in confidently on her stiletto heels. Pink halter top clinging to slender waist, her hips swayed with lots of meaning as she pushed open the door to a stall, turned, and looked over her shoulder. She smiled at the man behind her and shut the door...

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Tales of a "Bent" gamer

by Twisted_Fellow on Aug 23, 2019
Science Fiction

This is the beginning for Lex Frost Moore, his twisted and gender bent trails into the world of the Abyss. A dangerous place where the uncommon and rare are common place! In this tale Gaia has opened the door to the protagonist's abilities to awaken. The world becoming that of a game for him in more ways than one. Illusion barriers separate our normalcy from...

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Rolling Up Characters

by grimbous on Nov 1, 2017

"Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons. A game of adventure, ingenuity, and most importantly, imagination. This will be a game unlike any other you have ever played before. You will play the role of a character that you create, you will in a very real way inhabit this character. You will live their life, you will suffer through their struggles, and you will c...

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Dice Fishing

by KillerMuffin on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

This story originally began as a sexual roleplaying thread at Literotica's Bulletin Board. Many thanks go to Ravenloft who co-wrote this with me, and to Renegade, Vivid, Neale, and Miguelito Breathstealer who contributed their writings and ideas for the characters they portrayed. * * * * * "Dammit, Jacen, you said we would go out on a date tonight! You pro...

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The Player:

by RedRobin995 on Mar 18, 2018

This story is inspired by both The Gamer Manhwa and The Gamer, Chyoa Edition. Due to reasons it will be posted as a separate entity from the Chyoa Edition however I highly recommend reading both the original Manhwa and Chyoa Edition as both have a large amount of depth and various writing talents contributing to the stories there. Tim Blake awoke with the sa...

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Lobster Boy

by Dwizzil88 on Jul 29, 2017

Jack's family just moved from a small town in Maine to Phoenix, Arizona. His dad got transferred. Jack wasn't all that upset, he didn't leave behind an enormous amount of friends. His sister Beth took the news a little harder. She had to leave her boyfriend Vince. She said they were going to try long distance, lets see how long that lasts. He was pretty exci...

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Your Gaming World

by JonnyAS on Jul 8, 2018

DISCLAIME: First of all this will be my version of The Gamer by TheDespax. Plus this is my first story ever so I'm sorry if it's no good. John is a kid of 3. His parents liked family a lot. His mom Jenny was a looker standing at 5"6 with some nice d cup tit's and a nice round apple ass. She is 35 and weights about 172 pounds. She has always been a nice...

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Our Conquerors, Our Concubines

by Shendude on Dec 20, 2010
Science Fiction

Millenia ago, an alien race created the Ghirabo, telepathic shapeshifters intended to serve as sexual playthings, able to read their owners' minds and assume a form and personality that will fulfill their owners' desires. But the Ghirabo's Creators were wiped out, leaving them to fend for themselves. In time, the Ghirabo have become a powerful race, creating...

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