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Denied Lunch

by cal28 on Sep 15, 2017

This is my first story and a huge fantasy for me. I am little nervous, so please don't judge me too harshly but I do look forward to feed back. The story goes from past tense to present, that way you have background before being drawn in. I hope you like it! * About a year ago, I met the woman would fulfill my dreams and then some, over the Internet. I ha...

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Thirty Minutes

by jkoffi on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

I wasn't surprised when he called. He was ballin my girl while he was sniffin after me at the same time. He was trying to tell me that he went after my girl when what he wanted was a chance to get to know me. He just needed to test the water to see if I was out of his league. How many times did I have to hear about his "good dick" and his "trickin tongue". Y...

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A Surprise for John

by m_grifter08 on Sep 13, 2017

For years my girlfriend Michelle and I have a normal, healthy sexual relationship. Don't get me wrong we have always tried new things and very often things get kinky in the bedroom but we never do anything that you would call "wild" in the bedroom. I don't mind at all that she is the dominant one in the bedroom, I kind of enjoy letting her be the aggressor....

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Daddy's Gift

by hot2trot33 on Sep 13, 2017

I meet him at the local truck stop. There is a cab waiting to whisk us to a local motel. He has already reserved a room for the night. We enter the room and he shuts the door. As he enters the bathroom, he tells me to strip and get ready. I do so. He leaves the bathroom, still fully clothed. I hear your voice. He has called you and put you on speaker phone....

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The Argument

by unknooown on Sep 12, 2017

"You're still talking to him." Things like this never started out loud. Julian had a way of saying things casually, nonchalantly, that made her feel at ease. Then, "Idiot." "Come on." "What, come on? You're an idiot." "You." "And when he calls again? No doubt you'll answer it. Because you're an idiot." "Fuck you. His grandma's sick, he needed someone to...

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One More Reason I Fell In Love

by lick_me_there on Sep 12, 2017

I walked downstairs, and there you are, sitting on the couch, so I walked straight over to you, grabbed your hand and tried to pull you up. But I cant. "So, what’s up?" you ask I climb onto your lap, straddling you, kissing you, your neck, scratching at your chest, rubbing myself against your crotch. "I want you. I haven’t been able to get you out of my...

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by ErnstBlofeld on Sep 25, 2017
How To

Introduction: Just like Dr. Herbert Benson's groundbreaking book "The Relaxation Response" made Transcendental Meditation more mainstream in the 1970s, we now in the new millennium do the same with the growing popularity of Tantra and concepts relating to sacred sexuality. Although to the dismay of many, Tantra, is not only about sex. Sex really plays a sm...

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by AnnieLit on Jun 5, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Author's note: This story has a strong BDSM feel, but in a "sensual femdom" style. Which means that the female character does take control, but there are no chains, no whips, and no pain either. The story deals mostly with teasing and cum control, not the orgasm denial in the usual BDSM sense, but just the control of when and how. If this is not your thi...

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Don't Get Mad, Get Fucking Even Ch. 04

by hetup on May 15, 2018
Novels and Novellas

Disclaimer: I want to thank my editor Sexyvibe for his help and suggestions. I appreciate the time and effort to make my story more readable. All characters in this story are of legal age. ***** Chapter 04: Seducing Abigail Throughout the remainder of the week, Abigail felt so ashamed and guilty at what she had done, unable to concentrate on anything....

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My Corruption

by simpleDARK on Sep 16, 2017

This is the true story of the beginning of my anal fetish, from vanilla anal, to something harder and more selfish. My sweet, if somewhat prudish college girlfriend who promised me anything for my birthday, ends with her receiving something she didn't quite expect. ***** About Me: I'm a male, fast approaching his 30's. I'll share the beginning of my littl...

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