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Bus stop

by clampit45 on May 13, 2006
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

I spend quite a bit of time on the net usually talking to people all over the world on all sorts of topics: movies, politics, music,you name it. This one person I met who happened to live in the same city as I do and there was only one thing she wanted to talk about: sex! To say she was flirty would be a real understatement; she used to share her horniest fa...

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School Timestop

by rnbqkbnrp on Sep 23, 2018

Today is Sunday and your 18th birthday. You have never had sex or seen a naked girl in real life. When the day is over, you fall asleep and start dreaming. It is pitch dark and you cannot feel your body. You hear a voice start talking. You cannot discern any qualities about it, even its volume. "I have given you the abillity to stop time. You can now st...

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Your Hot Co-worker

by olly on Feb 22, 2020
Erotic Couplings

You found Samantha Palmer attractive from the moment she first walked into your office to apply for the Social Media Manager at Google, but your obsession with her grew over time. She came into the interview as a woman who knows she's attractive - wearing a skirt long enough to not be slutty, but short enough to show off her fine pale white legs. You like hi...

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Sex Wizards - Mastery Ch. 06-07

by AletheaFaust on Dec 14, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Authors Note: Since it's been a harrowing election week, I couldn't just post chapter 6 alone. This first chapter doesn't exactly warrant a content warning, but it definitely gets spicy, and I figure we all need the palate cleanser that is chapter 7 after *gestures vaguely* all of this. Hope y'all are hanging in there. Thanks for reading! ##### I'm allowed...

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Kinky Secrets Ch. 23

by pvclook on Sep 26, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

As she rode the bus to work it dawned on her what she had said to the mannequin, 'thanks daddy', she was losing the plot and a hot flush went up over her face. There was no way she was going near the mannequin for a long time. She was aching all over. There was no doubt about it her Lover had taken her, hard, fast and for a long time. She knew she had neve...

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Wife's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

by MILF4black on Jan 29, 2020
Interracial Love

I walked into my bedroom, for some odd reason I had my arms covering my breasts. It was odd because it was not like Andre had not seen them, and I saw Andre lying on my bed naked and propped up against the head board; his penis was semi erect and still looked large. I did notice he had taken his socks off. "Damn about time." He told me and sat up on the ed...

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With Great Power...

by icewrite on Jul 21, 2014

The morning starts like any other. You wake up, shower, make coffee, check the fridge for bacon, wind up eating toast instead, get dressed, and prepare to head out into the world. As you're about to open your door and head out to another fun-filled day at the office, you notice you've received a letter through the door. Weird. It's 7am. Unless your postie ha...

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The Degrading of Patricia Ch. 03

by masterofnymphoslut on Dec 14, 2020

Larry sat up in the bed with his back against the head board waiting for Patricia to come out of the bathroom. He popped another little blue pill to help things along. He'd already thought through how he was going to orchestrate the day's festivities. Then before they left the hotel he was going to show her a portion of the recording he had made of them. Fro...

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Hi I can control Time

by eZf on Mar 8, 2019

Hi I am Ed. This is the story of me getting the power to control time and my great life after that. Well before I got the power to control time I was just an average looking kid maybe a bit below average. I was an introvert nothing too serious just no friends, low self esteem, when ever I get a chance locking my self in my room and masturbating to porn and o...

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Two Mature Ladies Go Astray Pt. 03

by Cleevedreams on Sep 28, 2020

To get a sense of how the characters relate to one another, please read Parts 1 and 2. ***** Rachel had only lived in London for a year. She'd decided to work as an au pair with a French family, who were living in the UK, it was to improve her language skills, before she went off to uni. Occasionally she got a long weekend off and came home, usually to ple...

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