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A Taste of Honey

by BEST EROTIKA 2002 on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

It took three hours of circuitous driving through the North Carolina woods before my husband, Don, would admit that we were lost. He was trying to take a short cut described to him by his moron brother Craig. At that moment I hated Craig. I hated being lost even more. Don's solution to everything was to double back, turn-around, and ask no directions which i...

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The Mistress i Serve: Fine Dining

by Jay Davis on Sep 15, 2017

The restaurant is dimly lit, romantic. A candle glows at the center of our table, and soft music plays in the background. The Mistress i am lucky enough to serve enjoys dining in such places. Even more, She loves tormenting me in them, secretly exerting Her control over me in public, while the uninitiated people around us go about their innocent, vanilla liv...

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Cul-De-Sac Ch. 5

by Shoreguy on Sep 16, 2017

My next-door neighbor arranged for me to hang some curtain rods and blinds at her house. Her husband never seemed to have the time or patience for this type of work I think that the dummy didn't know how to read a ruler or a level. Well, anyway, it was work and the opportunity to spend a few hours with an attractive middle-aged lady. Karen is about five foo...

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Pardoner's Slave Ch. 02

by DominateHer on Sep 12, 2017

As the morning approaches, the old man feels his limp cock encased in the warm wet mouth of the girl. The old man is on his back, as the cum-faced slave continues to suckle on his cock. He moves his hips pushing more of the hardening organ in her mouth, resting his hand on her head as he's watching the girl's lips wrap around his shaft. She laps at the fat h...

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Time Stops in the Mediterranean Day 07

by Drmaxc on Sep 19, 2017

Day 7 There is no real opportunity for pre-planning; no opportunity for booking my entertainment in advance, so to speak; I take the opportunities as they present themselves. But of course at such a holiday destination there are bound to be plenty of girls to attract my interest and it is not often that I cannot bring the attraction to some sort of conclusi...

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by ViperVenom on Sep 16, 2017

About the author: I'm a twenty-something from Europe, writing short stories and narrations (erotic and non-erotic) for several years. About the story: A longer narration of mine deals with certain Japanese elements. To get in the mood for a sequel, I wrote this short story. Box The box had arrived just in time. Nakamura's two "gentlemen" went to work unlo...

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Class Is In Session Ch. 01

by cjducky on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

His cell phone vibrated softly against his chest, nestled safely inside the breast pocket of his shirt. It wasn't a call, that would have triggered the bluetooth in his car to pick up. Either he had dropped cell service long enough for a call to go right to voice mail or it was a text message. With the music playing from his iPod docked into the car's sound...

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Rubber Toy

by bbseesaw on Sep 24, 2019

I woke slowly, into darkness. I could see and hear nothing. I realised I was facing down with my bottom in the air, somehow suspended, bent over. There was a kind of hot, wet tightness all over my body. My legs were stretched apart and I seemed to be standing on tiptoe; my arms were pulled and bound behind my back. I tried to move but was completely immobili...

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Chapter 03: Partying the NIght Away

by shakenmartini55 on Sep 19, 2017
Group Sex

Chapter 3 -- Liz & John -- Partying the Night Away I couldn't believe it. It was the three guys and the hot blonde from the photo shoot. The guys were completely naked. The blonde was nude too except for a black leather collar and black stilettos. I couldn't believe what was happening. John and Liz were really raising the bar. I was naked and chained to lea...

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Maggie's Month Ch. 01

by kirakakash02 on Sep 12, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Maggie nervously looked around the room. The receptionist had taken her to the room she would live in for the next month. "There are clothes in the armoire. Change out of your clothes and into something in there. You should find something that you like. Don't forget to remove your underwear and bra. You won't need them while you are here. Your handler will...

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