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Infinite Scroll

Beta Male Slave Academy Ch. 02

by Tazokm on Jul 13, 2020

After being blown and locked, Miss Carly explained to me that the compound we were at had over a hundred rooms and approximately 50 current residents. She began walking me to a room where I was to keep myself preoccupied until they had prepared my sleeping arrangement. I walked butt naked behind Miss Carly down a high-ceilinged hallway. Her ass was absolutel...

Progressive Femdom Toilet Training

by at_yur_service on Jul 31, 2019
How To

This article is intended to help dominant women with easing into toilet training of their submissives through a gradual progression. Through smaller steps along the way, the training can be taken as far as the dominant woman and the slave would like. This process can also help to push reluctant submissives further along to further improve their submissivenes...

Ultimate Toilet Slave

by HungryGuy on Sep 13, 2017

(fictional story, WM/wf, AF/wm, AM/wm-nc, AF/AF/AM) Foreword: This story is a sequel to OH SHIT. OH SHIT is a sequel to TOILET SLAVE 2. TOILET SLAVE 2 is a sequel to TOILET SLAVE. This story is also a sequel to OH POO-POO, even though OH POO-POO is not a sequel to any other story. ### It was only last year that Steve had been a toilet slave in the ladies...

Toilet Salve's Discovery Ch. 02

by TaleTeller4035 on Sep 12, 2017

Mistress Deborah stood in front of a naked, kneeling slave; I had answered her invitation, coming to her house; her shaved pussy only an inch from my face. Her pussy's feminine aroma "rushed" through my nostrils like Amyl Nitrite [poppers]; it made my head spin; my cock's tumescence provided the best display an average six inch cock could give-but you could...

Confessions of a Pervert Pt. 03

by Pons4035 on Jan 28, 2020

"I was now a shit eater! Upon that realization, even the foul flow of my saliva and shit pooling in my mouth tasted better; it's presence fueled my already steel-hard erection, and she returned. In silence she handcuffed my arms behind me, looped a cord about my ball sac, and clipped a steel chain to it. Tugging on the chain, my balls tightened; "Don't mo...

Cindy's Revenge

by Bernie54 on Sep 13, 2017

Amber was waiting for Cindy thinking about her last slave. The runt had died two weeks ago. Three years of service without any problems. None that could not be solved with a little bit more discipline applied to him anyway. He was a good cook and his tongue was very talented. She had brought his body to the bayou were the crocodiles had taken care of him....

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 10

by subtlesurrender on Sep 19, 2017

Part 10 - A Toilet Slave is Born Like deja-vu, Claudia retraced her steps down the arduous path that led back to Mistress Eva's farm. It was the very place where she reached a level of degradation many 'normal' people would never conceive. A degradation that had conversely given her infinitely more sexual satisfaction than all of her past boyfriends combine...

Morning Brew Ch. 02

by kayleekennicott on Nov 27, 2018

In the morning Caroline came back, but she knocked on the regular, front door again. I opened it, a little alarmed to see her there, and wondering if this was when she would blush, apologize for her drunken outburst, or else forget entirely about the incident of the night before. But instead she looked deep into my eyes and took a step closer to me. "That...

Confessions of a Pervert Pt. 04

by Pons4035 on Apr 21, 2020

The red stripes upon his ass had healed before the week concluded. Seven days, one-hundred-sixty-four hours, ten thousand eighty minutes -and, by the end, he was concluded; he wanted to become a non-nondescript toilet slave. Public transportation was used to get his body to her home. He knocked, her door opened. He fell to his knees as instructed, and a fee...

The Surprise Ch. 01

by RickVansin on Sep 17, 2017

It was Eric's birthday and two days before his and Kat's anniversary. Eric was in the shower, when Kat snuck into the bathroom wearing a skirt and t-shirt. She put a collar on the sink. When the water turned off, Kat stepped into the shower and shoved Eric to the wall of the shower. "What are you doing?" Eric asked. "Whatever I want to do." Kat replied as s...