Transexual Stories

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Infinite Scroll


by MrPikaJew on Sep 26, 2017

"Ah your finally awake. Blink Twice if you can hear me" ,says the robotic voice. You blink twice and check your surroundings. You notice your just in a blank, white room. "Ah! Excellent, I'm guessing you have alot of questions, so let me explain where you are and what your doing here. This is a social experiment were we will be testing how pe...

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Since that day....

by Ssrd33 on May 5, 2019

The weekend I finished and my whole body felt heavy, my ass felt more open and empty at the same time, I slept all the rest of the day. The next morning I woke up and had Melany's penis full of milk, I took it out and I felt that my mouth was very sticky, I went to the bathroom to take a shower because I could only smell the semen all over my body. When I ge...

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by Ssrd33 on May 10, 2019

Hi Jhon!, Hi Mike ... I answered lazily ... like all the days, my life had become very routine and repetitive, at home my wife does not serve me as a man or husband, I think I was dating I sneaked in with another man, but at this point in my life I did not care and the children made a mess everywhere. I wanted to escape this prison from which I felt trapped,...

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Agent Mari

by Ssrd33 on May 28, 2019

Ignacio was a very lonely man he just liked to share with his friends. On one occasion, after so much insistence his friends managed to get him out of the house. On that occasion they went to the outside of the city. In the middle of nowhere is the motel where they stayed. Agent Mari was in that place for her clumsiness but great determination and willingnes...

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mysterious secret

by Ssrd33 on May 21, 2019

It was the year 2055 the technology had reached a very surprising level, but even so, many things do not change. The protagonist of our story is a boy who attends university and is passionate about technoogy and virtual reality videogames. 24 hours before the event .... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!! a yawn was heard ... Wake up Mark is late for school ... his moth...

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Several Stories from Somewhere Else

by Freyasbearn on Mar 11, 2018

This is the landing page that will take you to the several stories re-archiving here. If you want to add on, or take a story a different way-- please, please do. They are only skeletons with the hopes that people will enjoy their own twists. Everything Goes Strip Club -- Tells the story of a strip club that changes the club and sometimes even the world to w...

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A World without sexual taboo.

by jmce on Sep 23, 2015
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Welcome to a world without most sexual taboo. Of all the fetish's perhaps the only one even we do not accept is goro (Blood and gore.) With that out of the way let me explain further about our world. It is not one world but many that are divided into, Gay World which has only gay men and absolutely no women. Lesbian world which has only gay women and not one...

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The Varieties of Transexual Experience Ch. 01

by SciGuy on Sep 16, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

The Interview "Please come in and have a seat. Thank you for participating in the project...Elsebeth, is it? "Yes, Elsebeth. You're welcome, Doctor, it's a pleasure." "You do understand that this interview will be recorded?" "Yes." "And that the university must keep your identity anonymous?" "I understand." "Alright. Try to relax and be completely hon...

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Everything is okay!

by Circuitboard on Sep 26, 2017

In this world of anime where it's okay to fuck any woman you want, what are you? An, adventure, a brave warrior, a normal citizen? Well whatever you are, or what you want to be sex will surely come to you one way or another! Remember sex is the norm in all anime, in all mannerisms. All characters must be above the age of 18! Nothing is is to be below at leas...

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Futa Fanfiction

by Therock99 on Sep 19, 2018
Fan Fiction

This is futa fanfiction where you get the chance to live out your dreams of being fucked by the futa of your dreams from your favourite tv show, movie, video game and many more. Maybe you want to be one of them in the world and have fun. Whatever you want is all can happen right here. Just have to pick what you want from here and than the good times can star...

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