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Infinite Scroll

Transform Or Dare

by FoundMystic on May 10, 2019
Mind Control

Everyone knew about the town curse. Most believed it was a fairy tale to scare the teenagers, but some knew it was real. The Curse always appeared in waves and the last wave was almost 30 years ago. Most people had forgotten about the curse and chalked it up to being one of those legends all small towns have. Now the curse was starting to return and the rumo...

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Rise of the Pokehumans

by gaogeki77 on Feb 5, 2019
Fan Fiction

Dr. Solomon had always had a love of Pokemon. To the point that they should be considered equals to humans. A vast number of people considered him crazy for thinking this. One day he had revelation, what better way to make them see that they were equal than to have them be one in the same. After years of experimenting on himself, he finally perfected the rec...

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by Ragnarok385 on Sep 14, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Trevor was pretty much at his wits end. Sure, he'd planned this night out with his friends weeks in advance, the stress of his job and everything else that was going on had necessitated it. But that didn't mean that he was any readier to have a night with them than he was to just relax at home with a beer in his hand. Actually at this point, fuck the beer an...

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How Bowser got Peach

by kire5613 on May 11, 2019
Fan Fiction

One day in his castle, Bowser was pacing in his chambers thinking. It has been years and he has never won the heart of Princess Peach. But he would not give up. She was like a goddess. Sweet, sexy and loved by all. It was true he originally kidnapped her to take over her kingdom but soon it became something else. He wanted her to become his queen and lover....

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on Aug 11, 2019

Further developments on the viral disease some are now calling the “Bimbo Virus” are now coming to light. Reports have come in from locations around the world including Sydney, New York City, London, Berlin, Florence, and dozens of other cities in Europe, the Americas, and Australia. Concerned parents may wish to send their young ones away as some of the det...

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Transformation Convention

by MasterStealth on Jul 19, 2018

Your name is Charlie Bale and you really wanted to go to the convention in Manitoba but you just couldn't afford it. However, you planned on sneaking your way there using a very neat trick that you learned that you had about a year ago. You have the ability to transform into anyone and anything. The only limitation that you have found to this ability, is tha...

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Harry potter and the odor of his Penis

by Queen Death on Sep 26, 2017

((( NOTE: I don't own any harry potter, also this story was on Choose your own change, but was removed in 2009, so i thought to post it here, also i will be adding more that what was posted before**, All characters in this story are at least 18 years old)** Harry's nose twitched as the first hint of the smell hit him. Ron smelt it next, "Oh my God&quot...

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Transformers XXX

by frog7 on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Five years had passed since the defeat of Jhiaxus by the Swarm, the Swarm itself and the retaking of Cybertron in the name of the Decepticons. We've gone through many Decepticons Emperors but alas our founder Megatron or now Ultra Megatron had return to us, he killed Bludgeon and took back command. I was the last G1 Decepticon but upgraded a year ago to G2...

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You are a Pseudo-Demon

by NiceDaemon on Sep 23, 2019

Story Editor: Actiaeon You may look like an average human to everyone else, but you can transform into a demon! Well, not really, you are something called a pseudo-demon, a "normal" human with the powers of turning in a demon version of themselves. You are tall, have dark brown hair, blue eyes, 4 inches of dick (6 when hard) and mouth-watering musc...

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Game of Change

by dicchic on Apr 8, 2019

A group of friends find a board game that will transform their bodies in all sorts of way both physically and mentally whether they wish for it or not. "This game seems cool" says one of the friends "might as well play it" says another bored "whats it about" one asks "lets read the rules" says the first friend Rules...

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