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Infinite Scroll

Your transformative touch

by LoganSenpai00 on Jan 23, 2020
Fan Fiction

You are (Y/N). You are an ordinary man that worked a dead-end job in the office. Well, you were an ordinary person until you found out that you have the power to transform and grow people by just touching them. When you touch someone a menu appears that lists different options to grow or transform someone and also freezes time around you giving you plenty of...

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Playing Goddess Ch. 03

by liqrdrms on Sep 24, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

So what's a guy that has been transformed into a goddess gonna do first? Now I know what you're thinking but I did not run into the bedroom and play with my new body. Firstly, it just seems wrong with a goddess watching me and secondly, I was still processing what happened so I decided to see a friend to help sort this out. I hope he is home. Step out my fr...

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Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 02

by JoannePare on Sep 12, 2017

Chapter 2 I Prepare All week long I thought about Ryan and what a thrill it would be to dominate and transform him into my maid, I had to control myself and not masturbate as I wanted to be full for him. On the Wednesday evening I took out all my domination instruments and the female clothing I had aside for my slave. Carefully I inspected everything and m...

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Falling Clouds

by mindtheMILF on Jul 9, 2017

“Scccrreeeeeeaaaaa!” A dinosaur known as a pterosaur flies above the atmosphere screaming. After screaming it bellows out a massive stream of fire at the airship. Men had built only to see it charred and falling down below the clouds. Once it lands with a massive thud breaking up into ashes another dinosaur comes in rushing out of the forest named an Allosau...

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Mutata Draco

by GenericEditor168 on Jan 19, 2017

You rise from the pile of shredded grass that forms your bed, before heading outside to spread your wings and catch some sunlight to warm your cold and sluggish blood. You feel like there's something you need to remember, something that came to you in a dream last night... Then you hear the hooffalls, and you remember. Last night, you realised that as long a...

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* The Day The Earth Went Furry *

by Nemo of Utopia on Nov 14, 2017
Science Fiction

Time: 8:02 PM GMT +/-12, the 20th of February, 2002. Location: the midpoint average of the international date line. In years to come many theories will be advanced about the source of the; well, it will have a thousand thousand terms for it but the one which shall gain widespread acceptance in the international scientific community is "The Human/Animal...

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Magical Manipulations

by Swallows999 on Aug 17, 2016
Mind Control

Welcome to a world of gods, quests and monsters… not that you’ll be participating in any of that! No, no, the great creator of this world has a much different plan for you. It is a large world filled with perils like orcs, angry gods, and the occasional natural disaster. There are various races, like humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, etc. Dragons roam the ski...

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The Question

by Tunathetitan on Feb 16, 2020

Looking back, Jenn didn't remember what incited the reason why Kyle wanted revenge on her. She used to be a right bitch but She couldn't remember Kyle for the life of her. But she did remember how she got to where she is now. It started when she was getting ready for school when her phone rang. "Hello?" Jenn responded. It was a bit earlier than sh...

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Clitty Transformation - One Month In

by DivinaTellsAll on Jan 1, 2019

Exactly one month ago, on a cold Saturday night in Dallas, Madame Vega and Goddess Kimberly evaluated what I had previously referred to (my entire life), as my cock. This evaluation revealed what I already knew at heart. It was far too tiny and small to be used as a cock, or even considered a cock. I begged them to allow me to embark on a quest that would...

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A Journey to Womanhood

by brendachaplin2000 on Sep 19, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

John always knew he was different to the other guys in his sixth form class, though he managed to put on a good front to convince them he was a warm blooded 18 year old guy. He dated several girls and even bedded a couple, but deep down he knew he wanted to be one rather than date on. Only one other person knew of John's desire and that was Kathy. She has be...

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