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Convergence of Fates

by NokturnalMortum on Feb 12, 2019

Chapter 1 - Prelude To Disaster "Hey, look over there." A young woman whispers to her sisters as the three of them kneel behind a dense bush. "Ha, we're in luck, this is the biggest boar I've seen in a long time. Rose, give me the bow." Rose, a fair skinned, blonde girl in her mid twenties, hands the weapon to her older sister, Amelia. As she draws an a...

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Play Testers Wanted Pt. 11

by Lost Boy on Mar 17, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

I am sorry this took longer to finish than expected. This began at forty pages and is now over eighty. A few specific passages didn't work for me and it took a while to break them down and rewrite them with more detail and I feel a better flow to them. Just a word with everything that is going on. Be safe, take care of yourselves, and I wish you health and...

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Chasing The Last Road To Stockholm

by SleeperyJim on Mar 23, 2020
Novels and Novellas

This started out as part of my Conversations universe, but turned out a much longer story than I usually write. I do not apologise for its length, however, having received several emails complaining that I just write flash stories and offer nothing that readers can really get their teeth into. If you're not keen on long stories -- don't read it. If you're...

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The Rhythm Method

by xelliebabex on Sep 25, 2017

Author's note: The story is part of Literotica's unofficial tag team competition. Twenty of Literotica's authors have accepted the challenge of being randomly paired with a partner to co-author a story under the pen name "The_Odd_Couplings." The pairings have remained anonymous and the true authors of this story will be revealed in the comments section one w...

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Neon Pink

by FretPearson on Sep 16, 2017
Mind Control

Copyright © 2002 Fret Pearson. Note: This one is a few year's old... I decided to release it on Literotica in hopes of lots of getting lots and lots of juicy feedback. So if you liked this story drop me a line. Part 1: A Mishap and a Mystery ############################## We found the bow and its quiver of arrows jammed way back in a rusty cupboard at th...

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Finding You Bk. 01: When Souls Collide

by MysweetDragon1969 on Sep 11, 2017

A beat up, half dead Datsun B210 raced down the highway, its engine whining like an old sewing machine with a brick on the foot pedal, leaving behind a blue smokescreen in its wake. The steering wheel shook so badly that the young woman in the driver's seat had to keep her fingers wrapped tightly around it, white knuckled and hanging on for dear life just to...

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War of the Pussy Snatchers - Act 03

by GayTripper on Mar 27, 2019
Mind Control

This is the third act of the War of the Pussy Snatchers serial. I strongly urge you to have read the entirety of the Invasion of the Pussy Snatchers prequel series as well as "War" up to this point. The suggested reading order is as follows: War of the Pussy Snatchers: Intro War of the Pussy Snatchers: Interlude One War of the Pussy Snatchers: Act One Wa...

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Silent Vigil

by Snekguy on Nov 18, 2019
Erotic Horror

Author's note: I wanted to do something special for Halloween this year, so I thought I'd let my readers vote on a theme. This is what they chose, I hope you enjoy it, and have a spooky Samhain! ***** CHAPTER 1: HIGH-RISE The angry beeping of car horns filled the air as Ethan weaved through the bustling crowds of pedestrians that clogged the sidewalk,...

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Our Tattered Lives

by fermpera on Sep 15, 2017

This is my rewritten and edited story I published before as --Torn lives--. I have to thank two people. My editor Johnny Galt who with his constant prodding questions and suggestions made that the story changed for the better and I'm also in debt to fellow author CPBaudelaire who the 03/14/12 wrote a number of suggestions to improve the story in his comment...

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by Starkraven on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Dear reader, This is an ongoing attempt at making a story with fantasy and adventure mixed in, while maintaining eroticism throughout. It is based off of some previous short stories I submitted and as such has material (though edited and changed somewhat) from them that inspired this current version. All rights and ideas are my own and all copyrights are m...

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