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Infinite Scroll

Hypnosis tf Ch. 04-Business

by FinnJohnson on Jul 30, 2018
Mind Control

A message from The Lost Nomad: Finn Johnson is dead. They found him lying facedown on his desk working on this piece. He was killed by a sword through the unbelievable as that sounds. We decided it was only fitting we honor his memory by posting what he managed to complete of this story. There was another story, but it had barely begun, so it will...

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by Millenia on Oct 20, 2010
Fan Fiction

Welcome to Life-Com, where we transform you into who you have always wanted to be. First, pick your sex.What's next? Male Female The Third Option What's next? Male Female The Third Option...

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Magic Powder

by TransforMaster on Sep 26, 2017

This story is about a magic powder which bestows certain powers on the user. For now these are: Transformation: the user will transform into anything they picture when they inhale the powder. They might be able to talk or not when transforming into an inanimate object, that is up to the author! What's next? [Information] Andrea and Liz, two coeds living to...

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Lana and the Dark Brothers Pt. 04

by Evylempryss on Mar 11, 2019

Apologies for the delay. Stupid life obligations... As usual, all feedback is great re: pace, story, plot, characterisation etc... I've proofread, but I have one night a week to write so there are probably still typos. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy Part 4. Part 5 hopefully next week. - Chapter 8 Lana Something in Lana's chest fluttered as she gaz...

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by duh48 on Dec 24, 2019

Derek’s girlfriend was born with a rare genetic disorder. Derek’s Girlfriend, Julie was born with Race Switch Syndrome (R.S.S.), a condition that causes the mental and physical features of the individual to vary at will between the racial backgrounds present in there genetic makeup Julie was considered quite the anomaly in the medical community since the she...

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Shrunken and Transformed

by TransforMaster on Apr 1, 2019
Science Fiction

In this world, people are somehow shrunken and transformed simultaneously. The means and reasons for this are varied and range from magic to technology up to universal hijinx, from accidentally up to purposefully! Rules are simple: at least one character should transform or shrink (preferably both) characters transformed into something inanimate retain thei...

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Love, Lust, College & Transformation

by TransforMaster on Jun 8, 2019
Science Fiction

The word "college" in the US formally denotes a constituent part of a university. Americans "go to college" after high school, regardless of whether the specific institution is formally a college or a university. There's a variety of people working at college, like professors, secretaries, canteen staff, caretakers... And in this story so...

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Boyfriend Trick

by Templar_Writer on Mar 14, 2018

Well here is another story. I hope that my next delay won't be as long as the last one, but it has been a crazy year with computer troubles. *** Mika sighed, bored to tears. She was waiting for her boyfriend, Todd, to call. Todd had blonde hair that he had lately taken to putting streaks of purple in. In contrast Mika had black hair that usually stopped...

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Hunter's Moon Ch. 01

by SexDemoness666 on Sep 16, 2017

PART 1: HOME PROLOGUE: Its getting close to midnight now, the wolves have already gotten to the other girls in my apartment, I can hear their screams of pain slowly becoming howls of pleasure as they're made bitches of the wolves. I don't know how long I have before they come after me, but my time here is short. Whoever is reading this, you are the last...

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Lust Note

by lostdarkwolf on Sep 23, 2017

You are walking along on a nice day when you notice a black notebook with white hearts all over it laying on the ground. You look to find a name, but only see a set of rules: Rules of the Lust Note: The human whose name is written in this note shall experience a situation created for purpose of lust. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the...

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