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Infinite Scroll

Boop Boop Ray Gun

by thatguy91 on Jul 31, 2019

Instructions of the Boop Boop Ray Gun Congrats on finding the Boop Boop Ray Gun. People with the ray gun can swap one thing between two targets. Side effects may vary depending on subconscious. Side effects might upset conscious mind. Only allowed to use reverse button once per day. Only affects most recent swap. Must wait 24 hours before swapping anything b...

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A Girl & Transformations

by TransforMaster on Jun 2, 2018
Humor & Satire

This is a story where transformations are happening around a girl. Maybe the girlfriend is a witch, able to transform with a magic wand or a little polyjuice potion? Or maybe the hot next door neighbour is really an alien, not fixed to any specific shape? Or a geeky inventress with a perverted device? Or it is about a secret agent on a sexy mission? Anyway,...

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by Joecallen09 on Dec 31, 2015
Science Fiction

Tonight is a night just like any other night. Your surfing the web because you've got nothing else better to do. Eventually, out of no where, you find a website called It says it will transform anyone you want into a different person. Since you know this stuff is'nt real, you decide to try it out. Heck, you could turn somebody into a celebrity (at...

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Transformation Guide

by Zekar on Jan 16, 2019

This isn’t a story. It is a guide dedicated to cataloging various tropes that fall under Transformation erotica. Additionally I have plot examples listed which if get liked a lot might result in me turning it into an actual story on this site. This will focus on Terminology, Transformation Types, Mental Change Types, and other aspects of the genre. If you li...

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The Magical Purse

by Scrapeater on Aug 16, 2019
Mind Control

A character of your choosing finds a purse in a random place and inside is a blank ID card which will be filled in late rand a description of where this person is going and what they're doing that day. As soon as the person finds the purse, they will slowly and gradually transform into the purse's owner in body, clothing and mind and go do what they're suppo...

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Myrna and Ilia 05

by MistressTrinityJones on Sep 19, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Myrna had just decided Dragonbridge was her best bet to find Ilia, or at least news of her, when four Solitude guards came hurrying down the hill past her, turning toward the docks. "May as well see what that's all about," she said to herself, following them at a slight distance. They headed for a small crowd that was gathered toward the far end of the dock....

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The Dream Project Ch. 2

by The Bumfather on Sep 15, 2017

Eiko: Hey dad? Dad: Yeah? Eiko: Um how long is this transformation supposed to last? Dad confused: Uh since this is your first time it’s completely random to tell you the truth. Eiko: What!?! Why didn’t you tell me? Dad: The timing was pretty unimportant and we were both in trouble so, at the time the thoughts of using it were pretty null. Eiko: I have...

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A Haitian Werewolf In Canada

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My hour night comes around at last. All day I felt its pull. I knew I had to be far away from Ottawa, Ontario, before the full moon rose. So I boarded the bus to Kanata, and wandered into the vast fields near the town's business center. Everywhere I looked, I saw absolutely no sign of human life. This, only a few dozen miles from the Capital. Wow. At last I...

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Body possession

by Mr.M on Jan 2, 2020

You have just gotten back from a long day at school and are ready to start your weekend. As you near your house you see a statue on the grass, so you go to pick it up. One you touch it it turns into dust. You suddenly feel different and look at your hands to see that you are a ghost. You are about to freak out when suddenly you turn back to normal with a tho...

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Tales From The MAU

by Youngblood on Aug 20, 2019
Science Fiction

The MAU. No one knows where it came from. Scientists have agreed that the device must have extraterrestrial origins. They have confirmed that the MAU has transformative powers after a rat was accidentally transformed into a dog. They have also discovered that if the transformed creature comes into contact with semen, the change is permanent. Now, the scienti...

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