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Infinite Scroll

Costume Store

by Zekar on Nov 23, 2016

The Costume Store is an indiscreet shop in the mall. Few people paid it any mind and many walked passed it without giving it a second glance. If they knew what wonders were inside they might have given more thought to going inside. Inside the shop walls were racks and racks of costumes. But not just any costumes. There were costumes that turned the wearer in...

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Booth Babe

by Yelawolf on Dec 11, 2018

You're just finishing unpacking your clothes when the hotel phone rings. You close the drawer that you've just put your shirts in and walk back to the queen size bed, sitting near the small table that holds the phone and a clock radio. You can't believe you've got the room to yourself. You were sure they were going to put you in with Ryan, and you were not l...

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Children of Sin

by bryce193 on May 20, 2017

In the year 2017. The world changed in a significant way. Unfortunately no one noticed. Suddenly a mystical force envelopes the world, a force unseen, and undetectable by any machine. This force can take form, a sinful form, within the human body. It changes that human, transform s him or her into a being of lust. The government has hidden the truth of this...

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Gender Change: Magic Closet

by Zekar on Jan 26, 2017

There is magic in the world. Narnia was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the magic that a wardrobe or closet can do. You find yourself directly in the crosshairs of such a magical encounter. Whether malicious or benevolent, that is up to you... This is merely the introduction to a much more interesting tale. (Dear reader, if you like this story a...

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Prideful Ch. 01

by Tara_Neale on Sep 13, 2017

Jamieson Uw watched the young woman from beneath the shelter of a large tree. She was beautiful in the crisp night air and amber light of the setting sun. Her hair formed almost perfect burnished ringlet curls that hung half way down her back. Her eyes were a light brown with green flecks that reminded him of the big cats that they studied. He knew that a ca...

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Scott Fucks a Pussy into John

by maxxwood69 on Jan 7, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

Scott absently gave his semi-hard dick a brief tug. He was really looking forward to tonight's client. Scott loved his job. He got paid to fuck men all day long - how awesome was that? Better - they paid him to fuck them. Scott had to admit to himself that it was a major ego boost. Plus, Scott got to use one of his favorite things in the world: his cock....

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The Bimbo Games

by thejester42 on Nov 5, 2016
Science Fiction

You nervously shift in your seat on the bus as you make your way to the bimbo games area. this year you were drafted into the games and after years of watching you can't help but be a little excited. As you stare out the window you arrive at the arena, it's bigger than you thought but then again you've only ever seen this on tv. You start to think of the pre...

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If I was a vampire

by Bigjimslade on Apr 10, 2018
Mind Control

It was a simple start. A bottle of tainted soda. How it got that way is unknown and unimportant right now. All that matters is it is tainted with the blood of a vampire. Whoever drinks it will become one themselves and seek to convert others. Now, this bottle was delivered to a private school located in the upper Midwest. It sat in the vending machine for wh...

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The Clinic

by doc putts on Jan 18, 2006
Mind Control

It has finally happened! I have successfully launched my private psychological clinic and hospital for the treatment of women with various forms of sexual dysfunction. Most are treated and sent on their way, but there are a select few who are selected for a very specialized program. They know nothing of this selection or of the program when they begin, and...

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E-Plague Inc.

by Cantalope on Jul 9, 2016
Science Fiction

A plague of eroticism has been unleashed on mankind! Choose and evolve a plague type to consume humanity as a carnal wave, a discreet converter, an unstoppable hive mind, or something else entirely...What's next? Marvel Earth D.C. Earth Author Guidelines Real Universe, USA Pokemon, Kanto Stargate, Earth What's next? Marvel Earth D.C. Earth Author Guideli...

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