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Caught in Between

by CaptainClutch on Jul 17, 2018
Group Sex

Ann, my beautiful Italian wife of nearly three years, and I made a point early on in our relationship of being open and honest with each other. That foundation has made for a marriage that we believe is truly special. Our agreement to be vulnerable with each other extends even to the bedroom, where we have had few qualms about sharing exactly what turns us o...

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Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 03

by CuteAndLovelyYetHorny on Jun 19, 2018

Chapter one has been updated as of February 2018 Note: This story is a mix between a lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the "gentle femdom" and "role reversal" category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls... ... ... except that point...

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Chrystal Chalice Ep. 03

by RandyGonzalez on Feb 11, 2019

Still on the case of the murdered movie director at the local adult theatre, my assistant and I wanted to investigate a possible link. My initial theory focused on a connection between a haunted mansion and the legacy of a robber baron by the name of Drago Malice. He was a mysterious figure of local lore and legend who dabbled in the occult and various procl...

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The Reactor - Prologue

by Bokhun on Feb 12, 2019

Throughout the world, researchers had gathered to review the findings of their fellow researchers and discuss what to do with the data presented. Begrudgingly they had agreed to hear an outsider speak. Many of them feared the woman walking towards the podium, if she could truly be called a woman was even part of the debate. Her ears set high on her head twit...

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Family Road Trip

by oediplex on Sep 25, 2017

Watching the folks do it. How I got to make it with mom. You can cum too! Home is where the hard-on is We moved into a new house when I turned eighteen. The lay out facilitated being able to sneak out of my room without our parents knowing, no creaking floorboards or squeaky doors. Ever since then I have been listening to my folks make love. Each even...

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Wolverine's Enchantment

by 2052Dreams on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

(This story was set in motion with "Wolverine Confidential," where Logan and Katherine's affair began, complicated by her unusual mating aura. In "Wolverine's Desire," things became more complex for the lovers and in "Wolverine Gets A Little Upset," Logan had to unleash his warrior and the couple went on the run to avoid Katherine's persecutors. Now, in the...

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Olympus has Fallen Ch. 19

by Gaius8666 on Sep 13, 2017

"Loki, you stupid fucker, this is not going to work!" Thor shouted as he struggled to wriggle his wrists free from the stocks around his neck. "I can't just waltz into that city with my dick hanging out. At least let me cover myself." Loki, looking as ravishing as the most beautiful woman on earth in his clever disguise, laughed as he yanked on Thor's chain...

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The Dream Trap Ch. 04

by Foeofthelance on Sep 19, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

"Dude. What the fuck?" All I could do was shrug helplessly as I got back in my car. Fortunately, Kelk wasn't pissed, he was just confused. "No, seriously man, what the fuck?" he continued. "I mean, I'm used to people not seeing me, but that's when I'm supposed to be invisible, not when I'm in the middle of a conversation with them! It's like, as soon as...

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by BillandKate on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

Losing Trust How do you begin to trust again after being burned? I was in love. She was my wife and I thought she was my best friend. Debbie and I were married for six years when I found out it was all an illusion. We were living in Portland at the time, Debbie had recently taken a job as an internal auditor with the largest real estate firm in the city,...

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Rachel Is The Cum Show

by TheDarkCloud on Sep 25, 2017
Group Sex

This is another adventure of Rachel, the slutty star of two of my previous stories "A Rich Slut In Hooker Alley" and "Rachel Becomes A Cum Dump". * Briefly, Rachel is a rich, spoilt slut who is addicted to sex, as filthy and dirty and nasty as she can get. To that end she acted as a prostitute and starred in a hardcore sex film. The last we saw of her was...

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