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Infinite Scroll

Following Her Dream Ch. 13

by Shadra on Apr 24, 2019
Mind Control

Tension filled the air as Janet stared Violet down. Her heart raced in her chest, thumping in her ears and drowning out any ambient noise. She tried her best to maintain her composure, to appear confident and in control. She was afraid. Her breathing was shaky and her hands felt ice cold. There was no way of knowing how Violet would react, not with how impu...

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Brent's Descent into Bottomhood

by TheLowSparrow on Jun 5, 2019
Mind Control

Note from the author: I take consent and comfort extremely seriously, and while I have and will continue to play with these themes in writing, this is a fantasy setting and should be interpreted as such. Just because you write about a beheading in your fantasy novel does not mean you favor more beheading in the real world- and the same goes here. Play safe o...

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Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 32

by SteveWallace on Sep 25, 2017
Group Sex

Chapter 32 – Sisters, Friends and Lovers Pre-wedding games and massages, the ceremony We checked into our rooms after our arrival at the resort. Again, thanks to Ivy's perseverance, we had a suite and the large bedroom had been refurnished to have four king size beds and one queen in it. Thus we could easily accommodate the fourteen of us in the core wed...

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My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 04

by trixieadara on Dec 3, 2017
Mind Control

Chapter 4: Dinner Etiquette By Trixie Adara I take a hot shower as soon as I can. No matter how much I rub and wash them, I can still feel the words on my skin. On my breasts. Tits. They're called tits. I can feel the letters so clearly, almost like raw skin too sensitive to touch. I could trace them perfectly with my fingers if I wanted to. But I don't wa...

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by Psychocandy on Sep 16, 2017

"How's the gnocchi?" Tyler asked as Lucy chewed another mouthful of the fat, squashy dumplings. "It's amazing," she said thickly, reaching up to brush a dribble of marinara sauce from her lower lip. The smile he gave her in return was hesitant, and she wondered if she was devouring her dinner a little too enthusiastically. Earlier that night, she had fishe...

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Mindgames Ch. 06

by lovelyandsad on Aug 26, 2019
Novels and Novellas

Chapter 6: The kindness mindgame Present day When Mariah awoke, she was grateful that Master Jonas had covered her with a blanket while she slept. That seemed an unusual kindness in him. But then she remembered. Master Jonas was years ago. This was the new mindgame. Animal was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, a pad of paper on his knees....

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Flight to Paradise Ch. 08

by SanityCheck on Jul 30, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Immersion Playground Book #3: Flight to Paradise Chapter 8 Mac's eyes flutter open and he looks around the slowly brightening room, the room's window slowly growing clear to allow in more light. He yawns, wanting to stretch, but not wanting to disturb Kate lying close beside him. When he'd gone to sleep last night she'd still been lying on his chest, but...

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Made to Obey Ch. 09

by madetoobey on Jul 30, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

Reprise: I'd been caught wearing my Sister-in-law's underwear and jerking off to shemale porn by wife (Ruth), Sister-in-law (Esther) and their mother (Donna). I'd been forced into a chastity cage and made to wear panties all the time. Humiliation was now a daily event. Esther, who had investigated my internet usage on my laptop to see if I'd visited shemale...

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Extreme Cuckold Fantasy Ch. 02

by Revan7 on Jul 29, 2019
Interracial Love

Prologue It's been two years since David and Jenny had started to fantasise about cuckolding. Two years after that jenny was pregnant with one of four black man's baby. They were on week away from a villa holiday in Spain with these four black men and were about to go out and get queen a of spades tattoos for Jenny. Jenny was pregnant with a black man's bab...

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All Revved Up

by riverboy on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

I took a big gulp of water from the wet plastic bottle, and set it back down in the cup holder of my lawn chair. The hot sun was beating down, slowly cooking my legs and bare chest, and the sound of quiet voices passing by was lulling me to sleep. "You look awfully cute in that straw hat Bobby," a familiar female voice said. I opened my eyes and saw Patty,...

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