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The Unofficial Cowgirl Guide Ch. 02

by msound1 on Sep 13, 2017

2. Cowgirl Anatomy While cowgirls retain the majority of the physical and biological characteristics of human females, there are certain aspects of cowgirl anatomy that separate them from the average woman. Some aspects are obvious to even the most casual observer, while others are more subtle and can go unnoticed by those who are unacquainted with the indu...

Thoroughly Milked

by breedingdreams on Jul 14, 2020
Mind Control

Lila woke, the way she always did these days, aching, full, in pain. Since being bred she'd been given extra padding for her stall so she wasn't quite as bruised as she would've been otherwise. But she ached, god, everything ached, her cunt, her swollen belly but worst of all, her udders. They had swollen so huge in the past few months that she could barely...

The Unofficial Cowgirl Guide Ch. 01

by msound1 on Sep 13, 2017

Disclaimer: All individuals in this story are eighteen or older. This is intended as a work of fiction, not a legitimate instruction manual. The author does not condone sexual acts with non-consenting participants. Please enjoy. Constructive feedback is appreciated. The Unofficial Cowgirl Guide Preface: Congratulations on your decision to enter the human...

Thoroughly Checked

by breedingdreams on Jul 20, 2020
Mind Control

Milked, Lila needed to be milked. She couldn't- milked. God, she needed it. She pawed at her udders, swollen full of milk and aching. They hurt, dark veins spread under the skin. She couldn't move anymore, not with her seven month old calves weighing heavy in her belly. She was huge and immobile. She whined again as she pawed at her udders. The stall opened...

The Femdom Milking Farm

by williewagtail on Sep 14, 2017

1. In the yard The male human "cows" were all in the yard waiting to be milked. With the cows corralled together, the girls, Sara, Teri, Jo and Nancy liked top spend some time of a late afternoon inspecting their goods. Leaning on the rails, they ordered all the cows to line up on all fours facing away from them. Legs apart, yelled Teri, let's see what you...

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm

by Heather26 on Sep 25, 2017

It was by no means an uncommon thing to see a hucow out in public, yet I always found myself staring whenever I found one. The way her huge breasts were constrained beneath her shirt and the curve of her wide hips were enthralling. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you could even see a small stain of milk leaking from her outlined nipples. 'Quit staring,' Jess...

Breeding a Future Ch. 04

by AmethystMare on Apr 10, 2018
Novels and Novellas

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. **** Loving a Unicorn Breeding a Future Chapter Four...

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 10

by Steve1613 on Sep 25, 2017

Sarah awoke a couple of hours later to the feeling of a hand rubbing something on to her ass. Her ass ached where the hand was rubbing. But whatever was being rubbed on her, she assumed it was the salve the doctor had prescribed, was helping. A few minutes after the rubbing stopped, she started becoming aware of the pressure in her udders. She stood, wincin...

The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 11

by Lemaringouin on Mar 16, 2020
Interracial Love

The Awe of Being a Hucow by Lemaringouin, with the graceful assistance of Pimanko for the English translation from French. ***** Chapter 11 The Grand Contest and Its Prize Several days after her party with Claire, Stephanie was woken up by cries and laughter from the main hallway which connected all the hucows' bedrooms. "Sylvie, Wake up! Did you hear?...

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 02

by Heather26 on Sep 25, 2017

'Since when have you owned a kilt?' I asked, eyeing Ethan's choice of clothing. 'Not until recently,' he said, taking a sip of tea as he sat at our kitchen table. 'But I feel they're making a comeback. I'll be a trend setter.' I eyed him suspiciously. 'Is your family even Scottish?' He let out a low whistle. 'I'm sure if you go back far enough in my famil...