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Sri Lanka Housewife Gangbang

by gravelmeter on Aug 28, 2018
Group Sex

Roja, my FB friend, asked me to tell her story. I wrote it as she told it. She says this is a completely true story: My name is Roja and I am four months pregnant. The last time my husband fucked me was about this time last year. In Sri Lanka, where I live, this is a very big deal. Here is my story. My husband gave me the keys to a house that we were tryin...

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Wife Exposed

by doctoryes48 on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

Thanks to those who gave comments and suggestions. This story is not for those who dislike cuckold stories and stories about a passive husband. ***** Something happened after we were married. As the junior associate at work, I was detailed to get some old files from storage in the basement of our building. When I returned to my office, I found a "dirty bo...

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Forced To Eat Shit *A Fantasy*

by masterofpigcunt on Sep 13, 2017

Until I met my wife I never thought about getting my arse licked and had only ever fucked chicks that I found hot, even being something of a success among my friends at pulling "babes" for want of a better way of putting it. But I have always harboured a fetish for humiliating ugly women and then I started to develop a real craving for ugly pigs and shortly...

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Ugly Pt. 03: Fucking Ugly

by Adanaliyik on Aug 30, 2017
Erotic Couplings

I mentioned this girl, the one we call Ugly, in my last story. She's one of the instructors where my friend and I work out, but she's far from the ugly her name implies. Even when I first met her, when she was overweight, she still wasn't ugly by any definition. So, why do we call her that, if she's not ugly? Well, in Turkey, when someone is playing with a b...

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Gravity Falls: High School Reunion

by BEN D on Oct 2, 2017
Fan Fiction

High school was as terrible as Bill had anticipated it to be. The place was supposed to be a den of knowledge and growth where youth learned the necessary skills to survive and function in adulthood, instead it was a building bubbling with anger, sexual frustration and uncontrollable hormones. The first thing he had seen upon arriving was a couple practicall...

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Ugly Pt. 04: Fixing My Wife

by Adanaliyik on Sep 17, 2017

I've written plenty about the sex problems my wife and I had, especially about the lies and broken promises. In actuality though, they weren't so much lies and broken promises as they were the actions of a typical prick teaser. I mean, telling me two hours before bed time that she was horny and wanted to fuck after our kids were in bed. Then, when the time c...

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Ugly Duckling

by Jh_49 on Jan 14, 2016

You had always been an ugly duckling. Growing up, your older sister was blessed with jackpot genes while you spent most of your high school evenings trying to figure out which Proactive treatments would work best on your face. Even your older brother didn't seem to have to ever worry about his looks. It was as if you happened to burdened with your looks due...

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The Darkness Within Ch. 02

by americandemon on Sep 12, 2017

The door slammed shut behind me. My eyes opened wide as I turned towards the door. I could hear the door being locked. As I tried to see my attacker by the door, a spotlight was turned on and was aimed at my face. I screamed,"Oh my God!" Then the light went off and all I could see was a white glare in the blackness. From behind me, I heard a deep, se...

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All In A Days Work

by HomerPindar on Aug 31, 2017
Humor & Satire

Jug was, by far, the ugliest person on the planet. Male or female (and no one was really too sure when it came to Jug, and certainly no one was willing to take a look), and indeed, ugliest when including a number of farm animals, birds (flightless or not), mammals in general, and even certain amphibians (there was a rumor that toads and salamanders had actua...

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Fat Black Bitches

by Samuelx on Sep 14, 2017

One thing all pussies and their owners have in common is that they’re all a bunch of no-good, dirty, filthy, manipulative freaks. There is no other way to describe them. Deep down, they’re all a bunch of evil rotten bitches. I don’t care what race they are, or how much education they’ve got, or anything else about them. From the CEO bitch to the one in the S...

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