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Teaching Kathy

by irma_irene on Sep 15, 2017

I didn't know what sex was until Daddy came to my room late one night when I turned eighteen. It was the most painful night of my life but the only thing I'd learned on that night was what rape was. Nine months later I gave birth to a baby but Momma and Daddy gave him away. I didn't get to name him, but if I was allowed I'd have named him Daniel. Momma never...

Megan's Uncle Ch. 02

by deepemerald on Sep 15, 2017

Megan had been her uncle's whore for over a month now. She hadn't had an active social life before, being a year older than her classmates, but by now the 18-year old didn't participate in any after school activities. She knew that she had to rush home from school, do her homework, shower and be prepared for Uncle Dan's return from work. The times she hadn...


by theduchessviii on Sep 15, 2017

Ida covered her mouth with a hand to conceal her excited chortle when she cracked open the bedroom door of her Uncle Jasper. The room is dark and only illuminated by the lamp on the bedside table; but, nevertheless, she could see the shape of her uncle lying idle underneath the covers on the bed. Approaching the bed as quietly as an excited nineteen-year-old...

U&A Day 01 Pt. 02

by milkandhoney27 on Sep 16, 2017

2 college bound cousins summer break with Aunt & Uncle Nate followed Uncle Garner back up the steep path from the beach, tired but exhilarated. The water had been much colder than the Atlantic beaches he was used to. But he had caught a few waves and Uncle Garner had given him so pointers that upped his bodysurfer game. He and Uncle Garner flopped down at...

Initiation of Visiting Niece

by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter on Sep 15, 2017

Marie had come across country on vacation to visit with her Aunt in Texas. They went into Dallas and went to the Galleria Mall, went to a nice restaurant, and some of the notable places. The highway system was scary. Before going home she decided to visit her two Uncles who were living together in an older neighborhood. Her Aunt drove her over to her Uncles...

Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 01

by classy_with_curves on Sep 15, 2017

"Daddy, I'm home!" I called out as I went through the front door. When I got no answer, I dropped my backpack in the living room and continued on into the kitchen. Through the window I could see my dad cutting the grass. It was mid-June, the last day of school, and the heat had been creeping up every day so that it was in the mid-80s and full humidity even...

Christmas Shopping Ch. 03

by 36FF_Tiki on Sep 15, 2017

Here is the Chapter three, for which I had so many requests. I hope you enjoy it. It will continue as if you read Chapter 1 and 2, which I suggest you do. I had requests to make my sex scenes more graphic, which I tried here. I hope you don't think I over did it. Hopefully Chapter 4 will follow soon as the final part of this. In the mean time I plan to post...

Sunrise My Darling

by Rolly on Sep 15, 2017

Forward This is the true narrative of the relationship with my uncle that turned sexual. To have covered the complete interaction would have taken a book. Therefore I have just covered the first sexual awaking between us. There always was a love bond between us and it developed into something greater. To me, it was of the foremost importance and a time of...

Lara and the Headmaster Ch. 02

by 0131aj on Sep 13, 2017

Chapter 1 Lara approached her uncle's door nervously. Normally when she came home for the weekend from her boarding school she was greeted kindly by her aunt and uncle who had been looking after her since her parents had divorced. Today, however, after being used, abused and humiliated by her Headmaster and his staff, she feared what her older relatives' re...

Uncle Dicky-Do

by demald91730 on Sep 16, 2017

It all started one year when Jen's family members decide to get together for a vacation down to the beach. It was Jen, her grandma, her two male cousins and their dad Jen's uncle. They were all on vacation for one week in the same place, but not together. Jen's uncle and her cousins got a motel room at a motel a short drive from the beach because he doesn't...