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The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 08

by Alfamann on Sep 13, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Recapping the characters: My Ma, Pa, older brother Jethro and younger sister Trixie My Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Shirley, and their 2 sons, Stan & Billy My cousin Dirk My boyfriend Bobby Sonja, the bitch cheerleader * I could not believe I was sitting in my cousin Stan's car with my dress hiked up around my waist and my pubes on display. I could not comprehe...

The Panty Teasing Niece

by LeCoach on Sep 16, 2017

I always loved my Aunt Patty while growing up. She made sure the family got together from time to time and never failed to invite me to stay with her and Uncle Jeff whenever I was in their city. She seemed to understand the value of our family relationships and wasn't going to allow time and the miles that separated us to diminish these ties. My Uncle Jeff...

Business With Uncle Raffe

by pleasurable_4u2007 on Sep 16, 2017

This is not a true story!!! It was the summer of my 18th birthday when my mother informed me that she would be leaving for a business trip and I was to go and stay with my Uncle Raffe. I became excited; I hadn't seen my Uncle Raffe in two years and with him being my favorite Uncle, I was really looking forward to the long stay, and getting reacquainted with...

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 12

by Roadbug on Sep 14, 2017

Chapter 12 The Hero's new Family This story is a work of fiction only. Any chance resemblance to actual people or events is purely accidental. It turned out to be a week before Uncle Dar could go home. We all stayed until he was better, including Shelly and Sandra. They'd gotten permission from their parents for that somehow. I think the fact that Megan w...

"Uncle" Harry

by brookemarie34 on Sep 19, 2017
Interracial Love

As a young girl of 23, I am very sexually adventurous and enjoy pushing the limits. Coming from a small-town in rural America, I moved away to the big city only to find myself dating one big black man after another. The pure shock and taboo of a little country girl like me dating a much bigger, black man made the hookups, relationships, and random sex that m...

Young House Wife Ch. 06

by decent_10011 on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

Sorry for being late...........please continue encouraging me. * I did not know when I fell asleep and woke up when Nirmal knocked at the door. He came with tea and snacks with his ever-amusing face. Nirmal served the tray and kept looking at my breasts. I was not wearing a bra as I was sleeping and they were hanging loose like a pair of mangoes. I was sur...

Uncles Take Masturbating Niece

by AngieGS on Sep 16, 2017

The door slams downstairs but I'm too turned on to stop fingering myself. Too hot to worry about anybody coming in. Besides, nobody will bother me. If my door is shut, they leave me alone. I look at the screen again and watch the pretty blonde get gang banged. 'I wish that would happen to me.' I think to myself. A skinny dick slides in and out of the blonde...

Vipin Uncle and Mom

by bigshotinthebush on Sep 26, 2017

This is a purely imaginary story, set in a Bengali household in India. -------------------------------------------------- My dad had divorced mom seven years ago. The alimony had been decent, not too big, just sufficient. Mom got the flat where we lived in, as part of her alimony, apart from some money which she had invested in a fixed deposit in a bank....

Uncle Jack Gives Lessons Holly

by sassypeach on Sep 16, 2017

Chapter One On the morning of her 19th birthday, Holly came downstairs to find a small gift-wrapped box with her name on it; opening the box she found the key to a vehicle. Parked outside was a new Jeep. Holly was beside herself with excitement. "Oh Momma, how can I thank you, what a wonderful present." Momma sat her down, "I'm pleased you like it; it's a...

Uncle Charlie Ch. 4

by SpankerSam on Sep 15, 2017

Mom had fixed the coffee machine sometime during the night, I guess. Because, when she got up, I could hear it start. But I just lay in bed savoring the memory of last night. Damn but mom learned to use the strapon quick. I heard a car drive up and then the door opened. “Hey Michelle!” I heard Uncle Charlie’s voice. “Hey handsome! I put on the coffee. Guess...