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My Uncle Who I Can't Refuse

by Touch_Me_Eat_Me on Dec 25, 2019

My uncle owned acres of farmland in Wales near the coast. When we were young we'd occasionally stay at his for a few nights holiday with my Dad and my Mum. On my dad's brother's land was lots of trees and forestry parts great for climbing and making hide-outs, which was great for me as a little girl. I always enjoyed staying with Uncle Geoff. Now as a fresh...

In the Family Ch. 03

by venomlegions on Sep 15, 2017

Gee, I'm horny today, Wendy thought. It was early in the afternoon and Wendy had just finished putting the last of her clothes into the tall bureau by the wall. Now there was nothing to do but play with her cunt. Naked except for one of her father's long t-shirts, the horny daughter flopped on the bed at immediately spread her nubile thighs, whimpering as s...


by Magicien on Sep 15, 2017

When her Uncle Denis mentioned it, Melissa wasn’t sure what he meant. All he said over the telephone was that she was becoming increasingly incorrigible, that she had become very difficult to deal with, that she was a real problem. After class that day he planned to punish her severely, to teach her a lesson. Her Uncle went on, “So on your way home from sch...

Uncle Tom Ch. 03

by BeautifulPrincess on Sep 16, 2017

Leslie could tell Uncle Tom was uncomfortable on the way home, but she couldn't figure out why. She kept glancing at him only to find him staring straight ahead at the road. It was bugging her and she couldn't let it go unquestioned. "You okay Uncle Tom?" she asked worried. "Huh? Oh yes darling, I'm fine." he replied. In fact he wasn't fine. He was horny,...

Being a Slut for Uncle

by deepemerald on Sep 15, 2017

Donna was driving home for a well earned break. It was her first year working after getting her degree and she hadn't really had a break since July. She'd taken 2 weeks off to go to the Caribbean with her boyfriend, but the jerk had dumped her last week and changed her ticket to his new girlfriend's name. She decided that she wanted some normality for a coup...


by Patrick on Sep 15, 2017

It was almost a year since I’d seen my sister, Brandi, not since the last major summer College break, and boy, had she changed in that time! She seemed to have grown and matured in all the right places! Not that she was ever a slouch, she’d always been pretty and vivacious and eye catching, but now .. well, she was absolutely stunning! I remembered that las...

Weekend Fun Ch. 1

by blou83 on Sep 16, 2017

Chapter One: The Beginning During my first year of college I would spend weekends with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Wayne. This was a great money saver for me by cutting back on my travel. I also got to know my aunt and uncle very well. My Aunt Cathy is my Dad's sister and Uncle Wayne is her husband, of course. At the time both of them were in their late 30's. A...

Uncle Felix

by sparkle8 on Sep 16, 2017

It started when my parents took a long weekend for vacation. I was a senior in high school, and had just turned 18, but, according to my mother, acted more like 16: rebellious, hormonal, and smart-alecky. I had failed my driving test twice, and my parents didn't trust me to stay home alone (and of course they didn't trust my boyfriend, either). When they w...

Wendy, Bill and Uncle Bob Pt. 02

by MaryGrangerx on Feb 6, 2018

This story is a total fantasy and there is no under age naughtiness or cruelty whatsoever. ***** Although we had made tentative plans for my husband Billy to take me up to Uncle Bob's flat whenever he sent for me, it looked as if Bob had second thoughts as the following week he didn't say anything to Billy. I know that Billy was very disappointed but woul...

The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 02

by Alfamann on Sep 16, 2017

Recapping the characters: My Ma, Pa, older brother Jethro and younger sister Trixie My Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Shirley, and their 2 sons, Stan & Billy My cousin Dirk My boyfriend Bobby * Chapter Two When I opened my eyes I was slumped on the sofa. My parents and Trixie were looking down at me with concern. "What on earth is wrong with you, Jen?" Ma enquir...