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Lesbians find a Gay Sperm Donor

by frenchhorn1234 on Sep 28, 2020

Jason returned to his apartment the day after his boyfriend had dumped him feeling as worthless as ever. They had been together three years, but ever since they had started discussing the future and possible marriage, Jason felt that Michael had become as distant as ever. He tried to ignore it, but deep down Jason knew that this was coming. Collapsing on hi...

One Night with My Roommate's Girl Ch. 03

by litlover91 on Sep 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

I walked into work Monday morning and Vince immediately said, "Someone got laid." I cursed myself for not playing it cooler. Who was I kidding? I smiled. Vince was like an uncle to me and he knew I'd never had much success with girls. "Yeah." "Who?" Tommy, another mechanic, asked. "Did you fuck her ass?" I wanted to punch him for saying something so crude...

Total Woman Zodiac 02

by bhuff on Sep 14, 2017
Novels and Novellas

During their stroll to the hotel, Zack repeated his vulgar description of his nocturnal plans, now for Tori's information in lieu of the exchanged Ariel. Tori was likewise enthralled and impatient to commence the sexual exploits. As soon as the room door closed, they dived into furious activity. After a furious fuck, their fever's edge had waned and their pr...

The Lady in Blue Ch. 01

by Wine_Maker on Sep 14, 2017

Ted's point of view I opened the driver's side door and stepped into the street. Glancing back to make sure the way was clear, I walked around the car to join my younger brother, Stan. Once or twice a week we made the trip into Houston to the club. It was a private club upstairs from a restaurant. The owner was particular about who he allowed in and his cri...

Nicole's Decent Ch. 04

by Sophie1605 on Sep 13, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

"Goodness Nicole have you ever started packing?" My mom busted into my room without knocking. "Yes." I looked towards my suitcase that was lying on the floor across from my bed and my mom followed my gaze. She walked over and started looking through my stuff. "Seriously? The only thing in here is a bikini and skanky bras." She looked over at me and held...

Lonely Single Mom

by je71sox on Nov 23, 2017

So, life hasn't exactly turned out the way I had hoped it would. At 20 I was married with a son and loved my life. But here I am 30, divorced, broke, living with my parents, and raising my son on my own. I work long hours and pay my bills to be able to provide a life for my son. I do think "what the fuck happened to you Kim and how did I end up this way." T...

The Versatile Student Ch. 01

by atlanticsexual on Sep 16, 2017

My hands trembled as I opened the envelope - I read it - experiencing immense joy but also stressed out of my skin - I had been accepted to the UWO [University of Western Ontario] business school for their MBA program. So, I'll have to live in London Ontario for the next few years. Where will I stay? How can I afford it? I already had a student loan for my...


by Writewinger on Sep 14, 2017
Humor & Satire

Four weeks left in this hell hole, I thought, as I headed to my tent and a sorely needed shower. I had no doubt that these last weeks would feel as long as the 21 weeks that preceded them. I had been a happy civilian until July 1990 when it was realized that there would be no diplomatic solution to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. The letter that was delivered t...

The Truth About Laura Ch. 02

by Uncle Bert on Sep 15, 2017

The palm trees and balmy temperatures should have been pleasant, but Laura Hampton's stomach twisted in knots. Her father Cal had rented a house in Florida for the Thanksgiving break; this would be the first time she'd seen him since that memorable, magical night they'd spent in bed, the night he found out Laura was a call girl. The night Laura found out h...

Tie Your Mother Down!

by SEVERUSMAX on Sep 16, 2017

Lisa had to take the phone into the kitchen once the conversation got a bit more intense, so I watched the movie with the kids for a good while, as did the rest of us, not that it stopped the ladies from flirting rather brazenly with me ... and David, for that matter. This lasted a good half-hour and the kids asked me why she was in the kitchen, but I simply...