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Chicago via Katrina

by Bluewolfhead on Sep 15, 2017

Lost deep inside O'Hare Airport, Tiffany found the terminal exit by following the most impatient crowd. FEMA's bumbling had left her without sleep for the past 36 hours so she was questioning her judgment. When finally emerging, she became stuck in the congested baggage area while waiting for her worn blue Samsonite suitcase to rise from the airport's bowels...

A Summer with Uncle Frank

by No Panty Girl on Sep 15, 2017

Uncle Frank had been my favorite uncle since I was a kid. Frank is my mother's brother and had spent his younger days in the merchant marine traveling the world on freighters. Uncle Frank had been everywhere and fascinated me with is stories. I would sit for hours listening to tales of his adventures around the world. By the time Uncle Frank settled down a...

Weekend Fun Ch. 3

by blou83 on Sep 16, 2017

Weekends with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Wayne were fast becoming the highlight of my college years. I was becoming very addicted to the sex I was experiencing at their home. I found myself increasingly eager for the week to be over so I could stay with them. Sometimes I would be thinking of them and what we had done the previous weekend or what we were planni...

Family Time

by HornyHuman on Sep 15, 2017

This story is about my time with my uncle Len. Well I like to introduce myself first, and then you can think about me while you read my story. My name is Lindsay and I am 19 years old. My height is 5'3, I have long blonde hair with green eyes. My body is slim with my bust size being a good 36C. I am half way through my first year of University but we a...

TIS: The Bike Kiosk

by LindaMichelle on Sep 14, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

The bike kiosk Uncle looked up from adjusting some brakes to see three nearly naked girls standing in front of him. He took his time to oogle at their bodies especially LindaMichelle's still damp (and translucent) white micro bikini before asking them where the bicycles were. "Well uncle", began Melissa, "they got lost or stolen I think..." "What do you m...

Uncle Derek's New Pet

by deepemerald on Sep 16, 2017

Polly waved as her parents drove off. She couldn't believe her luck. A whole month at Uncle Derek's house in the country. Her parents had nearly fainted when she'd given in without a fight. Normally, when they sent her to Uncle Derek's for only a week when they went away she would protest and sulk for days because it was so boring to be in the country. Polly...

Baaad Uncle Pt. 02

by The Big Bopper on Dec 25, 2019

19-year-old Emily is determined to become a model but her parents discourage her. She finds an ally in her uncle who agrees to help her pursue a career by photographing her and making up a portfolio. Emily's Story Continues On our second Saturday to prepare photos for my modelling career, my uncle and I got to the big warehouse complex where the studio was...

Sara's Plight! Ch. 1

by SpankerSam on Sep 15, 2017

Sara was just at the beginning of another fantastic orgasm. “Damn! I hope Uncle Jim stays out a long time.” Sitting in the living room of her uncle’s house, Sara’s pants lay in a puddle at her feet. Both her long, shapely black thighs were draped over the armchair. In her hand, she held the object of her pleasure, an 8” semi-hard dildo. At 19, Sara was no st...

Amy the Exhibitionist Ch. 18

by VanessaEvans on Sep 26, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Part 24 – Ella looks after her sick Uncle Hey! My name is Ella and I'm going to tell you about my month in Spain looking after my sick Uncle. No sooner than I'd got back to my parent's home at the start of the summer break, my Mom told me that her brother had been seriously ill and was now back at his home, but wasn't able to look after himself. My Mom was...

Nikki and... Uncle

by hockeymom1969 on Jul 14, 2020

[The Nikki series takes a single scene and swaps in a different partner for Nikki each time. All characters are adults.] Nikki entered her Aunt and Uncle's room to investigate a strange noise. She was shocked to find her Uncle Sam on the bed, his pants off. She didn't even know anybody was home. He was sweating and breathing hard, his eyes closed as his ha...