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Infinite Scroll

Pantheon of Pagan Gods

by Wikia on Nov 25, 2017

Gods are a product of their environment (despite belief to the contrary). What they do and what that means to the cosmos depends on what realm they hang their hat in.What's next? The Heavens The Mortal Realm The Underworld Undefined, Eldritch Territory What's next? The Heavens The Mortal Realm The Underworld Undefined, Eldritch Territory...

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Laohg and Lily

by Laohg on Sep 15, 2017

Laohg asks, "Do you want to eat out just me and you?" Lily blushes and nods. He asked her, "where should we eat? oh and is it ok with if we walk there naked?" She giggles softly and whispers, "Its fine by me, i just hope its not cold outside. And i don't know where but you can choose." He asks, "what about McDonald's?" She smiles brightly and nods....

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Reflections of Self

by JassiraX on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

I seem to reflect much lately, on the details, the why's and how's of my intrigues with certain areas of sexuality, and today my inward discussion is on slavery. I have a fascination with it that as of yet, is neither tamed nor untamed, hanging there in mid air waiting to be explored further. I ask myself - Is it the pain that excites you? Yes, I adore the...

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Romancing Your Aunt

by alexeimariposa on Apr 25, 2012

You are John. You're 18, still in high school. Your sexual drive is currently like a Mack Truck, barreling over everything in its path. But you're a virgin. Sucks, huh? What do you look like? Well, you're YOU. Figure it out. Your Aunt is named Doe. You should know, you picked the name. For the sake of storytelling, she will not have a vague, undefined appear...

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A Teen Titan enslaved

by vic_elor on Sep 2, 2006
Fan Fiction

This story takes place at an undefined point in the story line, but right before a large battle. I'm not really concerned if plot is taken from TV show or comic books. Whichever works. FYI: I broke up the introduction into 3 parts to make it easier to read. Every hero and every villain the Teen Titans had ever encountered were preparing to fight. This battle...

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Opening Up in the Night

by mikeinto on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

William and Casey. The two an amazing fit. A fantastic couple. Quite simply a fantastic match. Complimentary and similar all at once. With few points of friction or contention. Both full of feelings of attraction for the other on all levels. They had been going out for 18 months and were deeply committed to their love. Emotionally and rationally, they had se...

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Fucking Anna Pt. 02

by sxncndyhere on Sep 14, 2017

Being a model for this sculptor had become strange, alarming. Quickly I had been fondled, ordered how to sit, and had clay smeared over my aroused tits. And now I was crouching doggy-style on a cold stone bench being asked to stay there while the sculptor walked across the cold hard concrete behind me. Whenever he walked back to his gear I heard five steps...

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Evening Light Ch. 05

by zouzouni on Sep 15, 2017

Your feedback is as always invaluable. Thank-you. I'm moving this along as quickly as I can. Enjoy :) *** Grace woke and stretched her pleasantly sore body. When she remembered what caused that soreness she blushed. Looking over she saw Lucas still fast asleep. His face relaxed, he looked so good she had to pull her hand away to keep from touching him. As...

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Forbidden Love Ch. 02

by GrnEyedRae on Sep 16, 2017

Although life rarely imitates the fairy tale painted in movies or in romance novels she can say with extreme conviction she is happy, comfortable and content in the life she has chosen and can honestly say she has absolutely no regrets. She considers herself fortunate to have experienced many things in all aspects of her life. From the rich—to the not so ric...

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by M2J N7 on Feb 6, 2019
Science Fiction

NOTE: For new contributing authors, to use the naming options in your chapters, type { First }, { Last }, { Meta } in place of where you'd use the First, Last and Meta names-without the spaces- and they will appear in the story, should you choose to change them. Also, starting with the first chapter you branch off from this chapter, all new contributing auth...

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