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Infinite Scroll

Alexa’s Secret

by Humilatron on Jan 23, 2021

This story is an ABDL story a bit different than my usual stories. This story can contain as much ABDL content as needed however it should be made clear that this isn’t a lover story. It can have all the elements of an ABDL story: diapers, pacifiers, suppositories, etc, but it should 1) not turn into regression and 2) not turn into a fetish. In other words i...

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Call Me Those Names Please

by PrincessDeeDee on Sep 14, 2017

Heather always had a hard time getting into the clubs. Even though she was 21, she looked 19, if not younger. Sometimes it was tough to convince them even after seeing her valid ID. Tonight she waited in line at the Torque Round club, fanning her face with her ID and wondering what kind of trouble she would have tonight. She'd never been to this club before...

Sticky Stick

by nothatperson on Jan 9, 2021

When the universe first had the spark of existence, the first inkling of anything more than total, unending nothingness, a rod was formed from the ashes of a lost world. Barely a few hundred billion atoms long, this rod held a power from the universe before; a power from a universe whose laws of physics were entirely different from the universe following. Th...

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Futanari World

by styxmaster on Apr 16, 2016

You wake up this morning to the sight of your younger sister Sarah pulling your covers off of you. "Get up Doug, you don't want to be late for school." You get dressed for school after Sarah leaves your room. you never mind school that much, you mostly get B's and A's in your classes but given the opportunity you would like to just stay home and wa...

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Girlfriend's Futanari Secret

by freakyricky on Mar 26, 2018

I'm copying this story from here: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1884280-Girlfriends-Futanari-Secret because I prefer the interface of this site. Please feel free to copy entries from the story map, found here: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1884280-Girlfriends-Futanari-Secret/action/outline. In the original story, underage sex...

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Descent into Darkness Ch. 04

by JSmith82 on Sep 15, 2017

John's story continues: Somehow we got home together from Master Jim's place (I still can't stop calling him that). We never spoke and could barely look at each other. Neither of us had any respect for the other. The look on her face while Master was fucking her took away all doubts in my mind. I knew that she did not belong to me and that my life with her...

Prankster Ch. 12

by Paris Waterman on Sep 15, 2017
Group Sex

Copyright © 2007 Many thanks to "Techsan" for graciously giving his time and effort to me in editing this and other stories of mine in recent months. As always, I appreciate your excellent support, thanks again, Techsan. Chapter 12 "All right," Tony said as Butch, Charlie, and then Mavis left the warehouse. "Next scene will be Ginger and me. Bev-o, will...

Reality Harem

by Oldor on Nov 26, 2017

When I enter her office, I see Ms. Bambi is already completely naked and bending over the desk, yelling "Take me!". Her toned back and spine ridge form a perfect trail that leads down to her plump ass, where a cute, puckered starfish lies above her pink, spread, pussy as it gushes her juices. I slap her ass hard and listen to her shout in pain and,...

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The Bad Girl Ch. 3

by SpankerSam on Sep 15, 2017

This story is in a number of chapters. To help the reader, I will put the list of main characters before each chapter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would appreciate any comments you care to direct to me. But be fore warned, this story contains some watersports and incest. If these subjects are taboo with you, stop reading now. I hav...

Caught Off Guard

by jeleane on Sep 16, 2017

Viola had been speeding in her little blue car for only about 5 minutes before she was pulled over. Granted the alcohol and marijuana in her system had something to do with her driving abilities but she really couldn't afford to be brought in by the police and risk her parents finding out about her less than desirable behavior. She looked at herself in the r...