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Infinite Scroll

Exploring the Ring of Kerry

by Gorza on Sep 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

** Part one: The Bus from Killarney ** It had been a terrible summer: tough work and girlfriend trouble. After graduating from university, I had taken an internship with a national newspaper in London. I had worked hard at the paper, and was rewarded with a contract at the end of the internship. The work was demanding and relentless. I was churning out cop...

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A Brief Moment of Insanity Ch. 02

by Lost Boy on Sep 19, 2017

All characters are eighteen or older. Please vote and comment to tell me if you like, thanks! Jogging, swimming and endurance training were all involved in preparation for what was to come. If I performed well my college education would be paid for free and clear. There were few guys my age that could say that. It was unlikely that I could land a schola...

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Surefoot 46: Mr and Mrs Ostrow

by Surefoot on Oct 7, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

SUREFOOT: MR AND MRS OSTROW USS Surefoot, Deck 3 Mid -- Sickbay Suite: "STINKY COMPUTER!" Dr Shyrik had been in her office opposite the Crèche, cursing her article for the Starfleet Medical Journal for its inability to write itself, when she heard the exclamation from within. Recognising the voice, she rose from behind her desk, crossed over and entere...

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The Forbidden Fruit

by Labpet1 on Sep 11, 2018
Interracial Love

Sandra Small got into bed next to her husband Richard. She heard him breathing soundly & decided against waking him. She was feeling horny again & needed relief. Not that Richard was of much help in that area. Sandra dropped a hand between her legs & started rolling her clit as she fantasized about a younger man with bigger muscles & endowments. It only took...

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Home Again

by monkey_man66 on Sep 25, 2019

BACK HOME AGAIN I'm using parts of this story to try to stretch as a writer, but couldn't keep it doing it consistently. Numbers (2) refer to footnotes and the star (*) is an alternate scene, like a deleted scene on a DVD. The scene contains incest so if you don't like that stuff it's easy to avoid. Everyone is over eighteen years of age. ***** The soft...

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Controlling Sarah Ch. 01-11

by JohnTagliaferro on Sep 19, 2017

Notes from the authors: Sarah and Suki had the generalities of this story about two years before it was written. I read some erotic fiction somewhere of a secretary hypnotizing her boss into being more successful and promiscuous. The objective of the secretary controlling her boss was an influence on the Nancy character I invented for this. There was a "Nan...

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Fairy Chess

by optimizer888 on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Long ago, there was a comics experiment called the "New Universe". It was the forerunner of modern-day diversions like "Heroes" - ordinary people suddenly gaining powers or traits outside the human range, with (at least, ostensibly) realistic consequences. Sadly, commercial pressures drove them from that core vision, and they had the 'Comics Code' to worry a...

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Hailey's Vacation

by NymphWriter on Sep 26, 2017

When Hailey Davidson was a 20-year-old college sophomore, her biggest worries were getting to class on time, knowing where the next party was, making sure she did her homework, styling her long, blonde hair, finding the right eye shadow for her blue eyes, and making time for her boyfriend, Alan Bryant. Alan was taller than the curvy and petite, 5'3" Hailey;...

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It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 06

by Evil Alpaca on Sep 26, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This is a LONG story. If you don't like long stories or stories driven by plot and characters rather than just sex, you might want to skip this one. -------- ---------------- Disclaimer: The following story is a work of (hopefully) erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, please stop reading now. Any resemblance bet...

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Cat Nipped Ch. 04

by DorKnight on Sep 25, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In my dream I am naked, enjoying the sensation of the summer sun on my body as lay upon a towel. The towel beneath me is warm, soaking up the heat from the boards of the wooden deck, and soft against my sun-kissed skin. I can hear birds chirping melodically back and forth in the trees that shield my yard from the neighbors. A pair of Monarch butterflies walk...

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