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Infinite Scroll

Leap of Faith

by Snekguy on Jun 11, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Author's note: It's been a long time since I wrote any fanfiction, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to collaborate with Rube, an artist whose work I very much enjoy. This story takes place during the events of Halo 3: ODST, and features his character Alba. I'm a long-time Halo fan, too, and so this was kind of a match made in Heaven for me. You don't...

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Ashton Hill Fools

by xelliebabex on Mar 20, 2018
Novels and Novellas

Authors note: Hello everyone. Although set in the same town as another of my stories this story is about different people within the town, though you may see cameos from past characters. Thank you once again to Paul for being my second set of eyes. I hope you enjoy this tale. ~ellie. * Prologue Quinn sat dazed and confused. She looked uncomprehendingly a...

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Endangered Ch. 07

by ltpc on Dec 29, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Hi folks, The feedback, encouragement, and patience has been much appreciated so here's the next chapter. Thank you to prof_W303, WideAwakeNow, and Darksable for their time and effort with editing. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy. LTPC *** Between fight and flight, Chris was indeed in flight. Well, free fall, anyway. He plunged downward through grey no...

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No More Swedish Meatballs Pt. 03

by Krenna Smart on Sep 14, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Christmas melted into New Years along with the snow which had kept them happily occupied for almost two weeks. New Years Eve dawned with grey ominous clouds, but it was too warm to snow. "I guess it means school on Monday Lizzy said soberly to Kristen. Most of the sparkle of the season had disappeared with the snow. "Yeah, winter," Kristen said sourly. Wint...

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Threesome Next Door Ch. 08-14

by SteveWallace on Aug 20, 2019
Group Sex

Chapter 8 – Houston, We Have Lift Off The following week Ginger had to be in Chicago area to see one of her clients. She was away two nights, and our daughter took it upon herself to be my consort both nights, although she wasn't the only one. We sexted pictures to Ginger – usually erotic and sexy but with us making funny faces to keep it light. They were a...

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It?s Either Break Up Or Make Up

by felicia_rene on Sep 12, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

PART 1 Synopsis: I always was put off by the unsuspecting stupid love sick, pussy whipped guy is transformed against his will because the will wants to run off and have an affair, I never understood why they don't just pack and leave. The underlying theme is transformation and sexual punishment of the main character with anti gay womanizing feeling for hi...

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A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 08

by Fat_Dad on Sep 18, 2017

I'd like to preface this chapter with first a profound Thank You to my loyal friends/readers who have told me how well you have liked the story to this point. And to those of you who have emailed encouragement. You guys are the best! Thank you for your patience! Chapter 8 is finally here. Now a thank you to my editor; RecHiker! You have been through a lake...

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While You Sleep

by StangStar06 on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

Hi Folks. This is another longer story. It is an LW story in that there is a wife cheating on her husband as the backbone of the story. But there is also much mote going on here. So those of you who just want the usual strange car in the driveway story might want to pass on this one. Those of you want the whole thing to be resolved in three pages also might...

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Scarlet Guard (House of Scarlet #2)

by HisArpy on Dec 18, 2018

Copyright 2017. No reproduction in whole or part is permitted without prior permission of the author. Author's note: This story is 58,943 words long and is Book #2 of The House of Scarlet series. It deals with BDSM, domination, blood, fire, and martial arts. One Detective Steven Howell opened the door to the small tattoo parlor. As he entered the shop, a...

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Hipster Chicks Love Big Dicks

by TheTalkMan on Sep 18, 2017

This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent. This story is a bit different from my usual fare. To be clear, this is a cheating wife story, and it's not for the faint of heart. There is betrayal, seduction, and heartbreak. Don't expect a happy ending. This is the story of a hot-bodied, big-breasted,...

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