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Infinite Scroll

Dream Car

by Spencerfiction on Dec 3, 2017

Authors note There seem to be a lot of Wild West stories floating around ... this one is a romantic fantasy, with an oddly singular and tongue in cheek look to a version of the Wild West. Enjoy. ***** Chapter 1 Caroline Bagshaw rested her head on the leather-covered steering wheel and wept. Her dream life, apparently so perfect two years previously, with...

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Heather Jenkins-Sagemueller

by mindwiper on May 15, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

Notes from the Author: No, this is not the area where I warn you about ages and fakeness. That is inferred. --This story is a direct follow-up to "Heather Jenkins." You should read that first or you'll be lost. I have no idea how that story ended up in Sci-Fi & Fantasy. I blame the wheel mouse. --This story is long! (So is "Heather Jenkins.") --This...

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Starlight Gleaming Ch. 15

by TJSkywind on Sep 18, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Assassins, and then Sparanztlo, the Seventh Hell by T.J.Skywind © Please note that this chapter contains some very dark elements, including sections of indirectly describing torture and non-consensual male on male anal rape. While I am not personally a fan of BDSM, I am aware enough to know that those practitioners are generally ethical in their behavi...

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Maxine's New Life Ch. 13a

by carniegirl on Sep 15, 2017

101 A Pain In The Ass I rented the unit to Cheryl under her own name. I was assured that the payments would be coming from an account she controlled. Johnathan Hunter also assured me that he would not be staying in the unit more than 72 hours at any one time, ever. If that did come to pass, he would allow me to add his name to the lease. He also understood...

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Sex, Love, and Lies in the Asylum

by angelicrose on Sep 17, 2017

Kimberly was a twenty-one year old girl from a family of four kids. The oldest, Paul fourteen years her elder and Kimberly were very close, so when he was diagnosed with cancer Kimberly was devastated because she did not want to lose the one brother she was close to. Paul was the kind of guy Kimberly could talk to about anything, including boys, drugs, sex a...

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A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 07

by Fat_Dad on Sep 18, 2017

As with previous chapters of the story of Dr. Mitchel I'd like to start with a heartfelt THANK YOU! To RecHiker! He edited this chapter, inspired me, and has helped me stay focused. He's taken time from his BUSY schedule to advise me, and edit this chapter. I'd also like to thank RecHiker for allowing me to insert my characters into his story, The Morriso...

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Having a Reason to Live

by Grillytilly on Sep 24, 2018

Disclaimer: This story contains violence and drug use with minimum sex that isn't even really described very well. I debated even posting this story as it might completely destroy any credibility I have as an author. However, I was persuaded that some people were eager to read a new thing from me, even if it wasn't that good or didn't make any logical sense...

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Endangered Ch. 08

by ltpc on May 22, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

*** Hey guys, the first (and shorter) split of what was originally chapter 8. More to follow. Fair warning, this chapter has pseudo-incest themes again. Thanks to Lunarlilith for editing. Enjoy. *** Chris' muscles heaved, beads of sweat dislodging, combining, and running down his bare skin. A salty, miniature flash flood, gaining momentum before...

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The Next Game Master Pt. 02

by EmotionalStorm on Dec 2, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Synopsis: Shanghaied into a universe of gamers who are in a constant fight for survival Ralph Bronson took the fight to 'Goddess Lyria.' After ignoring her for 20 years she forces the character back into the game. After a shouting match with her that ended with him refusing to worship or venerate her, he found himself in blackness. Inspired by so many thin...

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The New Game Master

by EmotionalStorm on Jun 19, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Synopsis: Ralph Bronson walked into the gaming store and checked out the board for gamers who were looking for more players. He just moved to this area of Colorado Springs. He was looking for like-minded gamers. He was told of a beautiful woman in one of the gaming rooms who is interviewing people for her gaming group. What happens next was truly unexpected....

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