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Infinite Scroll

Three Square Meals Ch. 126

by Tefler on Jan 6, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Three Square Meals Ch. 126 John strode out of the airlock and crossed the clearing separating the Invictus and the Progenitor shuttle. The twins were waiting for him by the sinister black vessel, their beautiful blue faces wearing identical expressions of concern. Irillith jogged over to meet him halfway. "How's Dana doing?" "I hope she's okay," Tashana...

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The Awakening Ch. 51-63

by CalyPy on Sep 26, 2017

Hello everyone! The reason I stopped posting this story was because I felt it wasn't getting enough of attention or love. I have already finished and it is under major editing process for my website, but I decided to share with all the lit community the last of this story here. Again, these are the last chapters and there will be many grammar and spelling...

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by MoogPlayer on Sep 19, 2017

Hello everyone, I'm sorry I've been gone for so long, but my second book is doing better than I ever expected it to do. With that said, I've been doing A LOT of book signings in A LOT of different places over the past year so; thank you for understanding. As always this is a fictional story so, remember; anything can, and usually does happen in a fictional t...

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Hide in Plain Sight

by foolstop on Sep 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

This is an entry in the 2012 Nude Day story contest, so please vote. Honest feedback is always appreciated. Copyright Foolstop June 2012. This is a work of fiction. The events, settings and characters described here are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. For all scenes that depict sexual activity, all participants...

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by Charles Petersunn on Sep 13, 2017

This is the story of a girl with a fetish, inspired by the genre of cosplay within Japanese adult video idols. All of the characters in this story were at least 18 at the time of their actions. Finally, most importantly, my thanks to StoryPal for his considerable help in editing. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Madeline Hemming was one of Dr. Lowe...

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Tristan's Tale Pt. 08

by IncomingPornDuck on Nov 13, 2017
Mind Control

Author's note: Part 8 is the beginning of Book Two. I hope you enjoy this new chapter in Tristan's adventures. All characters depicted in sexual scenes are over the age of 18. ~ A flame-red dragon danced in the air, and Anja watched it in wonder. It slithered this way and that like a snake, then turned sharply with a snap of its feathered tail. Behind his...

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Two of a Kind

by StangStar06 on Sep 15, 2017
Loving Wives

Hi folks, please be forewarned. This is a very long story. I haven't written one of those in a while and i keep getting e-mails asking for them, so as fall approaches and we all have more inclination to sit down in front of the fire with a nice long read, I decided to indulge. Those of you who want a quick story with a lot of sex scenes should probably skip...

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The Morrisons Ch. 29

by RecHiker on Dec 23, 2019

I appreciate the excellent job Fat_Dad has done editing this chapter of "The Morrisons" we have combined our story characters, but each story is separate from the other. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ **PLEASE NOTE: **Author's Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I'...

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The Morrisons Ch. 08

by RecHiker on Sep 14, 2017

A million thanks to BffseOhio for editing. Please Enjoy! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ **Author's Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you've encountered of The Morrisons then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter...

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A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 04

by Fat_Dad on Sep 18, 2017

As with previous chapters of the story of Dr. Mitchel I'd like to start with a heartfelt THANK YOU! To RecHiker! He edited this chapter, inspired me, and has helped me stay focused. I also want to say Thank you to my readers. Thank you even more to the readers who like the story and go to the trouble to tell me. Feedback is a great motivator. Knowing someon...

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