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More than Friends

by phoenixcinders on Jul 4, 2018
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

Chapter 1 Love and Learning the Hard Way It's hard to believe that I, Kevin Peterson, get to have Jessica Graceson to share a dorm room with. I know what you're thinking, why on Earth would any college allow a guy and a girl share a dorm room? Well, Jessica isn't an ordinary girl, she's spectacular. She's amazing! She's my best friend. She's the world to m...

Laura's Choice Ch. 07

by cerrotorre on Mar 11, 2019

Dear readers, This is the final chapter in this story. I hope you enjoy it. *** "Merci beaucoup," I thanked the cute server in the small cafe off the Champs Elysee. He placed my latte down beside a fresh croissant and stepped aside with a smile. I sipped the fragrant coffee and sighed as I stretched my weary legs under the table. It was a beautiful Septemb...

Sprung Ch. 10

by jmmj5 on Feb 11, 2019
Loving Wives

After reading from this site for years, this is my first attempt at submitting a story to Literotica. Vandemonium1's invitation finally pushed me from reader to writer. I'd like to thank him for setting the story up. I finished one ending and decided that I would do another; then another. In his original Sprung endings, he had BtB ratings, and I attempte...

Friend Zone

by blackrandl1958 on Jan 16, 2019

Just a sweet little love story. What can I say? I'm a romantic. I need to thank my team. Harddaysknight is my mentor and gives me critical review. SBrooks103x also gives me a pre-post read. My editors are Girlinthemoon, Norafares, Hal, Pixel the Cat and GeorgeAnderson. I love you all. I hope you enjoy, Randi ***** I got off work at midnight. I was working...

Summer Lust - The Virgin Rhapsody Pt. 02

by PatriciaMontclair on Sep 25, 2018
Erotic Couplings

THE HOTEL They arrived at the hotel only two hours late. Alfredo opened the boot for the porter to gather her luggage. He came back to the taxi to help her out. Jasmine whispered to him. "I don't think I can walk." He smiled at her. "You can do anything. I know you can. Just go and check-in. Leave your carry-on in the hack and I will bring it to you."...

Blood & Magic Ch. 13

by bbettyblambabam on Sep 5, 2017
Erotic Horror

The table shook as Hillier slapped her hand in the middle of the table between two pints of beer. Flattened out was a pair of ripped Calvin Klein panties. A dark dried stain could be seen in the center. "What the hell is that doing here?" Lauren asked as she grabbed her pint to hold it away. "And why do you have it?" "That's what I found from the warehouse...


by solitarycafe on Aug 21, 2018

Sweat stung the eyes of the archaeologist as she concentrated. She was attempting to tie a proper knot around the eye hook in front of her, but she was having some difficulty. "Gah, there!" The archeologist took a step back and tugged on the rope three times to signal that the crate was ready to be hoisted up. She was currently standing in a roughly hewn h...

Peta's Valentines Day Weekend

by clarepanties on Sep 14, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

Day 1 of Valentine's Day Weekend Peter Longbury was an investment banker in the City. When taken into overall balance, life had been pretty good to him. He was successful in his specialist area of micro-derivatives; this allowed his clients to make risk transactions with smaller amounts of money and increasing complex sophistication in their structure, the...

Things Past

by Castlemania on Sep 19, 2017

I always found my husband's work parties to be incredibly dull. This one was no exception. They stood around, glasses in hand but rarely touching lips, talking business, figures, projections, all night long. The wives on one side of the room with so very little in common, engaging in meaningless small talk to pass the time away. I know I sound like a real bi...

University Pleasures Ch. 08

by interestinglife on Sep 19, 2017
Group Sex

Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence...