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Make Your Wife Cuckold You

by BJayCool on Sep 19, 2017
How To

I have seen certain articles advising women on how to turn your husband into a willing cuckold but not found a decent one which could guide husbands on how to get their wives to cuckold them. The strange part is it's always the men who initiate or want cuckolding and usually not the women, the women may cheat but they don't harbour the fantasy of cuckolding...

Cuckold & Netorare Shorts

by grimbous on May 17, 2019
Cheating Spouses

Hello Readers, What follows will be random Cuckold related short stories, set ups, or scenes. I get a lot of cuck related story ideas that I need an outlet for. This is simply a place for me to collect some of the ideas I get from time to time to see how they go over and gauge what is popular and what isn't. Don't expect lengthy or overly involved tales. Do...

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When the Worms Turn Ch. 1

by BadForm on Sep 16, 2017

I saw her in the supermarket, while I was shopping, and knew at once she was like me. It was the way she walked, so slowly and subdued. It was the way she never raised her eyes, even when she took things off the high shelves. It was all of this and more. I ripped a piece of paper from the notepad that contained my shopping list and wrote her a quick note. P...

Thoughts on Cuckolding

by Youami on Apr 3, 2018
Reviews & Essays

Until a few years ago, I had only a vague understanding of the term "cuckold" as it related to sexual relations between couples. As ignorant as I was I thought it had something to do with cheating. However, thanks to the overwhelming number of cuckold stories contributed to Literotica, I have been able to build a better appreciation of this term and the many...

Female Led Relationship

by CuckoldGuy on Sep 14, 2017
Reviews & Essays

Female led relationship, FLR is becoming the common, accepted life style. Girls are born with a natural instinct to be care givers and mothers which in a way makes them natural leaders. Boys on the other hand, come into the world as wild animals. They have to be domesticated. In their formidable years their mothers domesticate them by giving them spankings...

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 10

by HOTMOM_BARB on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

This is a true story by a drop-dead gorgeous mid-thirties housewife (so I've been told) who has been proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of the details may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this together from three years of memories. I got up the next day, did some minor house cleaning, went shopping, and planned on visiti...

Cuckold: Mia and Greg's Story

by glmike523 on Sep 17, 2017

For the last 5 years Greg has been a cuckold husband. It all started one evening when he and his wife Mia decided to relive the spark they once had by going to a darkened parking lot and to have sex in their car. Mia is a very attractive woman and Greg is a handsome man. Greg looks a lot younger than his 42 years but if there is any downside to Greg it is h...

Feeding the Devil

by Saryon on Nov 24, 2017

[That's my second story and the first that's is totally mine, so not base on a translation of a french sexual story. Even if i'm quite good in English, i'm not a native speaker so please be indulgent (if you want to make some corrections, just send me a message). For maximum immersion and optimal fun, i recommend to personalize all names. That's a quite ambi...

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Cuckold Coach Ch. 02

by hunterdonmale on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

"You want that don't you? You want your wife to suck his monster cock, don't you?" "Yes, for the sex would be great." Kelly was eager. The therapist wondered if just talking about his wife with another man, would give Kelly an erection. "Black men love blondes," he continued. "But what if she gets hooked on his cock?" Her hand rose up and gently fingered...

My Perception of Time

by FallaciousFauna on Aug 8, 2020

"GET OUT! WHAT THE FUCK LAINE! HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN HERE?! OUT! NOW!" She screams at the top of her lungs as I scramble to pull my pants up and run out of my neighbour's bedroom. I still remember the fear I felt that night, fear for what she would think of me, fear for what her parents would do, and what mine would do. That was the first time I...

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