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Infinite Scroll

Dungeon of Desire

by Sphyrna_Mokarran on Jul 27, 2020

You wake slowly. Your head hurts and you're lying upon something cold and hard. The ground. What the hell happened? You remember riding your horse to the castle of the evil sorcerer. You fought the dragon that guarded the main entrance. Did you kill it? You can't remember. Opening your eyes, you raise your head, making the world spin around you. You feel lik...

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Lois Lane's Night Out

by exxxidor456 on Aug 13, 2017
Fan Fiction

As with all my stories, I welcome other authors to add chapters! Remember to like and bookmark your favorite chapters! Regular chapters with 5+ likes get a sequel, chapters with 10+ likes get two. End chapters get an epilogue with 10+ likes. Chapters with the most likes & bookmarks get updated first! All characters in this story are at least 18 years old...

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Ultra-Sounding Sexual Therapy

by jackflynn7 on Sep 11, 2017

Japanese "sexual examination therapy nurse", Narai, mid 20's. Her job is to cheerfully and skillfully provide patients a 'sexual release procedure' of their description in a comfortable, clean, hospital setting with no prostitution overtones. A summary of the main procedure was reviewed by the nurse. Although vaginal penetration is prohibited, the nurse may...

Harvey's Training Pt. 02

by curtainsup1 on Sep 11, 2017

Author's Notes: This story contains non-con, mentions of CBT, urethral sounding, sexual slavery and anal. I'm afraid urethral play will be a heavy theme in this one, so you might want to try another story if you're not so into that, though no sounding takes place just yet. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Harvey is enjoying himself much more...

Annie's Exam

by NIGHTQUEEN1963 on Sep 25, 2017

As he carefully washed his hands with Betadine soap, and hot water, he explained quite matter of factly to Annie that her master wanted to find out the sensitivity of her Urethra and how wide it could be stretched. He also explained that it would be uncomfortable, but no real harm would come to her as he knew how much the human body could take, and would be...

Mistress X 06: Sounds of Suffering

by Long2bLocked on Sep 24, 2019

Note to readers: This short story is not part of any series. The setting and characters are based on those from my "Laura's Femdom" stories. My Mistress X stories stand on their own but are best read in order. This particular story describes an intense competition between female slaves involving vaginal torment. A contest that may lead to an opportunity for...

Step Sister Obsession Log

by wannaberose on Sep 15, 2017

"This is non-fictional" * I guess I should start off with a little background information, growing up my parents divorced fairly early into my childhood so that meant that my dad would have numerous partners throughout the years. Up until I was 18 years old my dad's partners always had sons and never any daughters which wasn't really a problem because I ha...

Harvey's Training Pt. 01: Prologue

by curtainsup1 on Sep 11, 2017

Author's notes: This story contains non-con, mentions of CBT, urethral sounding, sexual slavery and anal. This is an introduction, setting up what is in store for Harvey. I intend for more to follow. Leave a comment - I'm open to criticism and suggestions. Please note: I do not condone rape. This is fiction only. ***** John did not consider himself to be a...

Trudging The CessPonds

by MrFinesse on Apr 7, 2018

You are a penniless citizen in the kingdom of Gradrod. You are currently living in a large poor house with over twenty other people, taking odd jobs from the farms and plantations outside the kingdom's walls and barely making any money. You have always wanted to be an adventurer, but never knew where to look for treasure and even if you found a spot, it's us...

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by curtainsup on Sep 26, 2017

"The doctor's ready to see you now, sir," the receptionist said, waving him through to the doctor's office. It was like any other doctor's surgery - magazines in the waiting room, a clean, professional doctor's office with an examination table in the centre. The difference being that Dr. Litt only attended to a very specific clientele. Timothy stood, thanki...