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A Donor Couple

by houseboyservitude on Sep 26, 2017
Erotic Horror

It seems that sexy vampires are all the rage these days. They are extremely popular in books, television, and movies. Each new vampire franchise has better looking vampires and the acceptance of vampires in the main stream grows. The allure of the vampires has captured the hearts and minds of many, including my wife. She became quite a fan of vampires, and a...

The Vampire Ximena

by Samuelx on Jul 10, 2019

"There are too many of us, a Culling is needed," said Lord Magnus, and with that, the Vampire Patriarch looked at his brethren, the Holy Triumvirate, and nodded. Even after living for thousands of years, he loathed to end the lives of his fellow Undead. Mortals came and went, and they were beneath his notice except as tools or a source of sustenance. To slay...

Adeelah: African Vampire Queen

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017

"Buffalo, New York, now there's a city where I wouldn't send my worst enemy, I'd just shoot him instead," Chief Michel Montague said, and the stocky, dark-skinned, taciturn Haitian made a gesture of distaste. After walking around town for an hour, and seeing so many boarded-up houses, he felt like hopping on the nearest bus, train or plane out of there. Seri...

Fire and Ice Ch. 03

by MisBehaved on Sep 19, 2017

Hope you're enjoying this so far—the characters seem to have a mind of their own; I think that I know what is going to happen as I write, but Emma and Adam have other ideas. Keep up with me as I get to know them better—we're still introducing ourselves. This chapter has a lot of explanation as to why Adam is the way he is. Bear with me as we get through the...

Black Vampires Rule the World

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017

My name is Alastair Rashkel and I'm a big and tall Black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Anyone looking at me sees a regular-looking brother, and that's cool with me. It just means that my disguise is working like a charm. You see, I'm no ordinary brother. I'm actually a Vampire. Been one all my life. Vampires do exist. We look like normal...

Vampires Of South Africa

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017

Detective Sarah Hauser of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department sighed deeply as she watched the medical tech zip up the body bag. There goes another one, she thought grimly. The body belonged to Claire Adewale, a Nigerian-born and Oxford-educated businesswoman working for Excelsior Enterprises here in Gauteng. Just like all the others, Adewale's b...

Vampires Versus Zombies: War

by Samuelx on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A lot of people don't approve of interspecies relations and I honestly think these bigots need to get over themselves, seriously! My name is Karen Elroy and I'm a young Black woman living in what's left of the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Three years ago, before the zombie outbreak, my life changed. I met this charming older Black gentleman who introduced himsel...

Vampire Wars: Katarina's Story

by Littlerack on Sep 16, 2017

The dark streets of the city lay deserted in the heavy rain. Though still far from the front lines of the Vampire Wars, the citizens knew that it was not safe at night. That was the vampires' method. Small numbers of them would infiltrate cities and towns, blending in among the humans, ambushing the vulnerable, leaving no trace except for the vanished ex-hum...

Cum-Eating Vampire has Come to Feed

by RottenPines on Mar 9, 2020
Erotic Horror

The Cum-Drinking Vampire Queen Has Come To Feed [F4M] [Script Offer] [Halloween] [Vampire] [Fdom] [Blowjob] [Cum Swallowing] Description: The Vampire Queen has come to feed, but don't worry. She's a special kind of vampire. She doesn't drink blood. No, she's a cum-drinking vampire. Note: This is a script for an erotic audio. —————— Script Start ——————...


by kabuki on Sep 16, 2017

Nikolai looked to the cat as if they were meeting consensually, his smile bordering on intimate. "Such a rough thing..." The vampire commented, "But ease your mind...I do not want your fellow felines. You are to be...reprimanded for Miklos is being reprimanded for playing at being in charge." He rubbed his thumb over Ashani's lower lip,"I c...