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A Vampire's True Love Story

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017

Howdy, folks. How are you doing? My name is Patrick John Hadelson. I am a six-foot-two, good-looking ( and I do say so) black man in his early twenties. I'm an Aquarius, and I am also a registered democrat. Oh, and I'm bisexual. Myra, my dear lady knows about it and she's cool, as long as I'm faithful to her. Which I am. She's the love of my life. I live in...

Xander’s Nocturnal Adventure Ch. 02

by neverless on Sep 16, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

I do not own BtVS or, its characters, they belong to others. I am not making any money from this story. All the characters are over eighteen. * It was past noon when Xander Harris awoke. That wasn't a surprise as it had been past four when he finally drifted off too sleep, happy in the strong arms of Angel. Xander wasn't sure how many times they'd fuck; it...

Black Vampire Utopia

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The sun rose over the city of Boston. Like many of the city's denizens, I'm in bed. However, unlike most of them, this is where I'm going to stay. Oh, it's not because I'm lazy. You see, I'm a vampire. Yeah, one of the denizens of the night. There are quite a few of us around. The world thinks we're mere myth and to be honest, we prefer it that way. We let t...

The Beauty, the Mindflayer, & the Vampire

by SummerMorning on Sep 12, 2017

Taken from the transcript of recordings by psychiatrist Dr. Strukely at the Koczewye Mental Institute, name of subject witheld Father, I have sinned. I nearly wished I could say those words then. But I had not sinned. I remained untouched by the corruption and the devastation of the scenes that unfolded. I remained aloof, clean. Yet the very events of that...

Hunted Blood

by AmenRa on Sep 12, 2017

Michael Stone watched from the rafters of the old warehouse. He had worked his way up into the dank and dusty old beams carefully and quietly. It had taken precious time. Time that he knew he might not have had. There was just enough light filtering in through the clouded window panes of the warehouse's old roll-up door for him to see. The scene below him w...

New Orleans Night

by lucius_caradoc on Sep 12, 2017

The night air was humid, but of course, it was always humid in New Orleans. The girl walked along the streets of the French Quarter often. She felt at peace there strolling along among the carefree characters of the night. She walks along unfrightened and content. A mysterious stranger sees her saunter by and is instantly intrigued. Her long flowing red hai...

Hafiza Elmi is Possessed

by Samuelx on Mar 7, 2018

"Welcome to Hell," the Demon Agares said to Hafiza Elmi as the Vampire Queen arrived in the area called Tartarus, where the worst of the worst are kept. The Vampire took a look at the Demon Lord, who didn't look anything like she'd ever imagined. Hafiza Elmi expected to see fire and brimstone, fire and torment, and eternally wailing souls everywhere, being t...

Courting a Vampire Ch. 01

by StormHerald on Sep 11, 2017

This is my first story here on Literotica so please give me comments and rate it. I hope you like this. Also I am not blessed with an editor so please be kind and understanding. ****** "Are you serious?" I stared horrified at my unearthly, unmoving, beautiful mother. "Yes, I am quite serious, Lilly." My mother continued to opened trunks that I was tol...

The Ancient Graveyard Ep. 05

by Lord_Bokrug on Nov 26, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Ancient Graveyard A supernatural series of stories mostly set in the Ancient Graveyard of Grazghul Note: Hardcore undead sex "Turn back to all who enter! Here lies Zarnath the Undying, the accursed Lord of Grazghul." - A sign among the tombstones. Episode 5: The Lord of Grazghul Midnight, in Zarnath's crypt in the Ancient Graveyard of Grazghul....

Britney's Adventure Ch. 4

by Moxon4 on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

She showered, letting the water massage her skin, and found a wide array of soaps and shampoos for her to use, she picked what she thought was the most expensive of them. She dried her hair, and also found a make-up kit underneath the sink, and redid her make-up, doing it as much as she could the way it was supposed to be for the party. She redressed in th...