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Seeking Eternity

by silver_firefly on Sep 25, 2017

This one is for you, amor meus amissus. "Ne quid paeniteat quod causam dederit ridendi." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The monster's fangs almost connected with her skin. The sudden realization fueled Raine's anger. With a swift flick of the wrists, she revealed the daggers hidden under her sleeves, determined to kill the abomination she faced....

A Somali Vampire's Passion

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017

In every organization, there are those at the top and those at the bottom. I work for Jerome Magnus & Associates, the top criminal defense law firm in the City of Toronto, Ontario. And since I'm hanging out in a dark alley, standing over a dead body, and having to dispose of it as it's starting to snow, I guess you could say that I'm not one of the movers an...

The Vampire's Bite Ch. 01

by KallieHF on Feb 6, 2018

It started in a dream. Ashley knew it was a dream the way everyone sort-of knows it's a dream, when they're dreaming. But sort-of knowing it's a dream doesn't always mean you don't get scared, or happy, or turned on. Knowing it's a dream doesn't help very much when it all feels so incredibly vivid. And this dream was deeper and more vivid than any Ashley ha...

How to Save a Life While Undead

by Samuelx on Sep 13, 2017

Save your breath, the firefighter told me as she tried to help me out from the rubble. I looked at the tall, crimson-haired and brown-skinned young Black woman, whose lusciously dark skin was covered with soot, and fought back the urge to smile. I don't breathe, I thought smugly and took the hand she offered. Fires in large apartment buildings like this can...

Seeking Eternity Ch. 02

by silver_firefly on Sep 25, 2017

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Please be warned that the erotic scene in this chapter does not come until you have patiently read through most of the text. This installment had been subjected to more than a dozen edits, two of which had seen the deletion of an entire chapter that was as long, if not longer, than this one. I could only hope that you, dear readers, will enjo...

The Werewolf and the Halfling Ch. 02

by HorniBunni on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Christian realised something about werewolves. They weren't stupid mongrels. Nope they were in fact rather clever. He realised this when he tried to materialise out of the room, a silver door lay on the other side of the oak one. The windows were barred with fine slivers of silver. The room was rather cosy, a nice soft bed, and calming light blue walls. Ye...

Vampires will Never Hurt You

by JukeboxEMCSA on Dec 2, 2019
Mind Control

You double-click on the email attachment, not even bothering to disguise your sigh of disgust as the video player comes up and you see the familiar logo of the Brighton Broadcast Group. Another stupid pre-taped segment, then. God, they've got you playing one almost every day now. You've tried complaining, but these piece-of-shit propaganda pieces come straig...

I Didn't Know She Was A Vampire

by SuperHeroRalph on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Horror

This is a Winter Holiday contest story. Too many readers don't vote. Please vote. I need the support of your vote. This is a Winter Holiday contest story. Too many readers don't vote. Please vote. I need the support of your vote. * A man picks up a woman in a bar who turns out to be a vampire. * Because I live alone and, usually, am so sexually frustra...

Monster's Mate Ch. 04

by LadyDiMera on Sep 13, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Ch. 4 - The Vampire Lucinda's Master was not as upset about the Hunchback display as she had feared. "Perhaps your little sex show will drive up our bargaining price even," he remarked with a shrug. "I caught a glimpse of it myself. You were quite enticing up there with your boobies bouncing about. The word is out now that you exist and that you are not to...

Firestorm Ch. 02

by Fatality on Sep 25, 2017

Author's Note: Thanks for all the fantastic feedback, I really do appreciate it. A BIG thank you goes to my editor JillieB for her exception work. * Micah, age 10 She hid in the shadow of the table, hoping no one would notice her as she crouched low and remained motionless. The stranger approached, the faint scent of blood still clinging to him. Micah d...