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Mr. Sofia Vergara

by DickThePimp on Sep 4, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a hot and freaky sex parody. I was relaxing with my woman, Sofia Vergara, on our deck. She was looking her usual ultra hot self in a skimpy white thong bikini. We were sipping some margaritas and basking in the Malibu sun. I saw something in the distance that caught my eye. A fucking paparazzi camera. It was being held by another one of my mortal en...

Obsessed with Ember Ch. 02

by black_maestra on Sep 12, 2017

To my patient audience, thank you for hanging in there. So sorry about the long wait. Would you believe the reason this is soo late getting submitted is editing. It is really hard to find a good editor. But thanks to a really well informed editor on this website, I can finally submit chapter 2 of Obsessed with Ember. Thanks to Mr. MSayer. I hope I can work w...

Sofia Does Santa

by DickThePimp on Dec 11, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a fuck parody... It ain't real Sofia Vergara got off the chartered jet, wrapped in a fur coat. Her world famous body totally covered. It was the North Pole after all. She was there at the request of Mrs Claus. Santa, for some reason had been very depressed and there was a big fear that he wouldn't be able to make his yearly Christmas gift trip aroun...

Fan service

by 127 on Feb 3, 2021
Fan Fiction

Female celebrities will go on a show in which they will live with their fans and reward them by fucking their brains out and reduce their number of haters by being their submissive slut (Writing advice) you can choose your own celebrity and write about them just follow the premis that they are stuck with fans and haters in the same house, fulfilling there wi...

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Manolo Vergara Plays with Mommy

by Whale67 on Dec 25, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Manolo Vergara just picked up his phone, he didn't know what he was going to say or how he was going to say it. He presses Greg's number. His phone starts to ring. Each ring increases the level of Manolo's stress. Finally the ringing stops. "You have reached Greg Sanchez if u r hearing this it means I am probably making out with Manolo leave a message at the...

Battle Arena Ch. 01

Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is my first submission, so please submit any feedback you have. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One Thursday night, I was sitting on my sofa watching television, when a commercial advertising a new game show came on. "A whole new T.V. experience combining the games of American Gladiators, Survivor, and the Hunger Games," said the vo...

My Son's MILF Mother-in-law Ch. 02

by MotherandSonTrueConfessions on Mar 27, 2019

Love at first sight, Michael meets Elizabeth, a woman with the face of Catherine Zeta Jones and the body of Sofia Vergara. Author's note: Even though the main characters in the story, Michael and Elizabeth, are not related by blood, as his son's mother-in-law and her daughter's father-in-law, their sexual relationship is indeed, deemed incestuous. Sex betw...

Fantasy Celebrity, Big Tit Baseball

by SusanJillParker on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Fantasy, celebrity, big tit baseball is coming to a stadium near you. As a payback to its adult fans who are unable to afford the price of admission and who loyally watched baseball games at home, the Boston Red Sox have a bright idea of mixing sex with baseball. Wow! Sex and baseball is something that naturally go together like chocolate chips in cookies....

Naked with the Stars

by 57 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Despite celebrities considers themselves some kind of special people, they’re just like us, the common ones, and they can live the same problems or embarrassing experiences that normal people could face. In this story, we will see that happen: Different celebrities, females, will live some curious and naughty adventures, in which they will lose all her cloth...

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Celebrity Bang Tour: Debby Ryan

by Whale67 on Sep 13, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

As I said Sofia Vergara would not be the only girl I fucked over the next year or two. I woke up and there she was the Colombian actress with an amazing body, so I smacked her ass one last time took a sharpie and started writing on her body. I figured that she would be fine considering how much I had pleased her the night before. I started with right above...