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Viking Invasion

by borntolead327 on Sep 14, 2017

It had been a long day for Jessen, she had spent hours in the fields, harvesting food for her family, planting new food and going about her daily routine. Herself and her people were situated on a small island just off the coast of Europe, an island untouched by the outside world. She would often sit by the coast and watch as foreign ships and trade vessels...

Little Viking Gives Up Control

by elliotme on Nov 26, 2017

This is a story about a male sub's first time with an experienced domina. He doesn't know what awaits him, they've only just had a few conversations online. It includes mild domination and plays on the concept of the unknown and giving up control. ***** It is Saturday evening. I'm about to ring the doorbell of Ina's home. My heart starts raising faster as...

Through the Mists of Time

by ericviking69 on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

You awaken to the sounds of war, 12th century war. Swords clash. Men cry out. You tremble. You look around. It is not your bedroom. These are not your clothes. You are dressed in a rough woven dress right out of a movie. That's it. You are just having a vivid dream. This is just your mind's sequel to the Singing Sword, that silly movie you watched to...

Child of Three

by FelicityJohns on Sep 17, 2017
Group Sex

We met at the newsstand a block from my apartment. You held a tabloid, though you didn't seem the tabloid type. Average height, average build, too old for a swagger, too young for defeat. I immediately wanted to lose my fingers in your silver beard. As I bought my paper, you held it out and smiled, pointing at the headline. "Cecil the Lion's brother, Jerich...


by Frank Noir on May 29, 2018
Group Sex

I think the rays of the morning sun through the thin curtains woke me up. Either that, or my pussy craving my attention. At least that's what I like to believe. Because I'm old I know to know how much I enjoy sex. And why not? I love what it does to my body -- whether it's a man's hands or my own fingers -- a man's cock or my favourite vibrator. All the sen...

Idunn's Apples

by nicecthulhu on Sep 13, 2017

I would like to thank my wife for all her support and help, and Lady Ver for her thorough editing and insightful comments. Any remaining grammatical and spelling errors are solely my responsibility. This story borrows from history, but takes place in a time and place that never existed. ***** Prologue She woke with the realization that a change was comin...

Taming the Asshole Ch. 1

by P. B. Walker on Sep 16, 2017
Group Sex

I hated Halloween. I hated dressing up to go to parties. The costumes were always lame and quickly thrown together. Personally, I thought Halloween was just another excuse for people to get drunk. Nothing good has ever happened to me on Halloween. In fact, I usually got into some kind of trouble. When I was a kid, I would invariably end up with a bloodied no...

The St. Dynwen's Day Feast

by J_beezy on Feb 26, 2019

Historical Note St Dynwen's day is in fact the Welsh version of Valentine's day which is celebrated on 25th January rather than 14th Feb. I decided to use this day as it gave me a bit of historical realism as the medieval world did not recognise St Valentine's day romantically until the 14th Century -- nearly 500 years after the events on which this story i...

How Eric's Men Took Irish Slaves

by ShibbolethParty on Nov 4, 2019

Eric Brighteyes is the creation of H. Rider Haggard. ***** This is a story of Eric Brighteyes, son of Thorgrimur, lover of Gudruda the Fair, enemy of her treacherous sister Swanhild and of many envious men besides. Despite his reknowned bravery and might, it may be that you know him not; therefore I shall tell you something of him here. Eric is often call...

The Tale of a Viking Shield Maiden

by Stonemarten on Oct 6, 2020
Group Sex

Freya is a Norse Goddess of Viking mythology. She is associated with beauty, love and war and is a particular favourite of mine. Friday is allegedly named after her, which has got to be a good thing and as I love nature, the fact that she can shift into the shape of a falcon seems a pretty amazing power. Looking up at the stars tonight, see if you can spot t...