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Infinite Scroll

Achievement: Tentacle Lust

by nklayne on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Cadia opened his beak, harsh inhale of salty air. His slimy tentacle dug its way deep inside his human's anal cavity, which constricted a heated tightness around his appendage. It was breeding season, the time of year when Cadia's fucks were too delectable. When hearing the humans' choral cries gave Cadia a primal euphoria he couldn't get any other time of...

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Get pregnant or die!

by Damot on Feb 6, 2018

Wikipedia: ANB (illness) Short for "Adnexitis with nymphomanic behavior", is a severe inflammation of the ovaries combined with an unnatural need for sex. The illness occurs only in women and always ends with the death of the patient 3 to 5 month after the first occurrence of the disease if there is no treatment. Until today there is no medical cur...

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Understanding Human Sexuality

by edcrane on Sep 16, 2017
How To

A quick look in this "how to" section will reveal a veritable cornucopia of guides about why men and women do various things, or the precise mechanics of foreplay, or even how to "get laid" if you're a geeky guy. These can all be useful, but there's a tremendous amount of subjectivity involved in these discourses. The purpose of this rather brief essay is to...

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Odette Ch. 00

by Sellene on Sep 19, 2017
First Time

Prologue The Plague. No one knows how it started. The only thing everyone knows that it desolated the world's human population and is continuing to do so. The Plague had wiped out the human races' fertility rates so dramatically there were pregnancy laws. After the Plague had hit and started wiping out the rate of successful births, the Pregnancy Act (PA) w...

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by juxtarose on Sep 19, 2017

The day the attack happened, everyone was in shock. How could 90% of the population have been eradicated all at once? How could they have struck the planet with such brutal efficiency? They were supposed to be their friends. The government officials were quick to respond and managed to get their sister-planet to stop attacking their world after about eightee...

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Spreading Seeds Ch. 19

by JackLuis on Sep 14, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Chapter 19 - A Question of Constitutional Law I was going to meet Sarge and Bob in front of the Dining hall but I met them walking up to Lenore's bunker. "Ah there you are Perkins," Sarge said as I met them on the path. "We waited as long as we could and then I figured that Ms. Black had a difficult problem to work out. You took care of her problem then?"...

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Making The Grade in Biology

by alan55 on Sep 13, 2017
First Time

This story is a work of fiction. While I myself fantasized about something like this happening when I was in High School, it is only a fantasy. It was my senior year in high school and my grade point average was barely getting by to be able to graduate. I was 18 and in my second semester. My grades were good enough to graduate in all but one class, Biology...

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A Tale of Immorality Ch. 06

by angiquesophie on Sep 16, 2017
Loving Wives

Chapter Six: A Taste Of Doom One might say I learned a lesson. Of sorts. When we returned from St. Kitts, Lou's company had not turned its back on us. There was a signed contract on my desk. Lou went with the most expensive and ambitious of the joint venture ideas I had come to present. Alex was proud. I just groaned. I told him I would not work on it if...

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Doubly Disappointed

by DMSi on Sep 17, 2017

"Mind of a genius, body of a goddess," Erin mused to herself as she admired her naked body in front of her bathroom mirror. She had every right to be proud. With long brown hair, 36D breasts, wide childbearing hips and an ass that nicely countered her chest, she was indeed a beautiful specimen of womanhood and she knew it. Being a healthy woman in the prime...

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by dreadknots on Nov 11, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Content Warning! This story has, but is not limited to: oviposition, gender feelz, venom-induced hypnosis, people turning into monsters, people being stuffed with eggs, and lots and lots of sticky fluids. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED THIS IS KINDA A DEPARTURE FROM MY USUAL STUFF. But I hope you all can find something you like in a trans egg turning into a Broodqueen...

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