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The Pregnant Ride!

by bettiezyx on Apr 27, 2020

To my readers: WARNING this is a horrific story and completely different from my usual light-hearted writing. "The Pregnant Ride!" Wanda had seen the flier on the bathroom wall. It was posted at a dance club the other gals from the warehouse had dragged her to. Drunk, she'd stared at it before shaking her head and going back to the party. Later, it just...

Catwoman Caught Ch. 01

by PenanceS on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Selena Kyle looked out from her prison, the heat of the cameras beaming down on her as they had for so many months now that it was almost unbearable. Incarceration was nothing new for the blonde bombshell; she’d been captured by all of the caped crusaders, Batman, Robin, Night wing, and Batgirl (and even Barbara’s other alter-ego Oracle). The lights that lin...

Unexpected Ascension

by sacchito22 on Dec 29, 2019

Victor Haunt was supposed to be a nobody. He was fine with that, he'd made his peace with that. After 21 years, the only extraordinary things in his life were his parents. His dad is the well known B-rate Super Hero "Battle Lord", super strong, durable, flies, wears offensively loud colored spandex, is a total douche-bag, the works. His mom, Ruby,...

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Hollywood Horror Story

by zbloutch on Feb 13, 2020

The night had fallen for a couple hours, and yet, Los Angeles was more dynamic than ever. The city was shining a thousand lights coming from its numerous buildings, and its population was living it's life, far from suspecting something terrible was coming their way. And yet, it was. You see, there are things humans have come to think impossible, because the...

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Domestic Violence and Me

by lottyboo on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

This is my confession. A confession of something that I would not tell anyone in my life about. My partner is abusive. I often doubt myself and wonder if perhaps he's not. Perhaps I am misinterpreting things. I think individuals discredit things when they actually happen to THEMSELF. I have caught myself thinking "Well it doesn't count if it's happening to m...

Thomas Ch. 02

Erotic Horror

They put the fear in Thomas early, when he was young. They told him that his mother, their sister, was murdered by strangers and that it was not safe to leave the house, ever. They told him that the strangers were outside and were looking for him and would do the same to him that they had done to his mother should he ever venture out of the house. Only, his...

Hannah's Pregnant Pleasure Ch. 02

by Diablos on Sep 12, 2017

"Oh yes, that's great...!" sighed Hannah. Gentle, sensual pleasure crept through her being as she felt the magic hands on her back. Peace flowed along her limbs and she felt like flying. Sighing in ecstasy, she turned to face her friend. "You have the best hands in the business," she said to Laura as she pulled her shirt back down. Laura smiled. "Yeah, bu...

Late Night Visitor

by JSipes on Jan 22, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Every person in this story is over the age of eighteen. This is the first ghost story I have ever written. It is total fiction, so don't expect all the facts to fit neatly into place. My grandmother was a true believer in ghost and had many family ghost stories that were passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. The south is full of ghost stories f...

Black Man & Black Woman's Paradise

by Samuelx on Sep 17, 2017

The life of a young black man living in the United States of America can be quite an adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re African-American, Haitian, Cape Verdean, Cuban, Brazilian, African or belong to any other group. Some experiences are shared by all black men. So it was in my father’s time. And his father before him. And so it is in my time. My name i...

One of the Lucky Ones

by kwamae on Sep 13, 2017

Christine examined herself in the mirror as she pulled her top down. Everything looked to be in line with regulations; makeup and hair looked immaculate, at least a half inch of her midriff was exposed, and her heels, well, she didn't need to check those, she'd disposed of all shoes that didn't meet government standards long ago; her heels were definitely t...