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The Arranged Marriage Game

by remysloane on Jul 29, 2020

Join me as I navigate the oppressive Indian arranged marriage culture while exploring my sexuality. Your objective is to get me to my wedding day still a virgin while having tons of fun along the way and learning as much as possible about how to enjoy sexual pleasure. But if you slip up get me laid too soon, you might have more fun! Or you could ruin everyth...

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A Summer Job

by tcorbett691 on Jun 19, 2019

Sarah was driving home from a date in her brand new Toyota 86 GT. It was a graduation gift and the 18-year-old was in love with it. She had gotten it in Oceanic Purple to match her long, dyed hair. She couldn't wait to start college in the Fall and show her baby off! She had gone out with her boyfriend Ryan and while in a secluded parking lot, they had broke...

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The Breeder Pt. 08

by WednesdaysCoffin on Dec 3, 2019

Author's Note: This story contains a virgin werewolf, breeding, and more. All characters are 18+, and none were harmed in the writing of this piece. It is not necessary to have read the previous installments in this series, however, doing so may give you some background on repeat characters. ©WednesdaysCoffin2019. This story cannot be transferred to any othe...

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by olly on Oct 3, 2017
Mind Control

In the first year of your relationship with Emma you were totally happy, but as time went on you found yourself increasingly sexually frustrated. The almost total lack of sex had been taking its toll on you and the relationship. You knew that if things didn’t change your relationship wouldn’t last. Using this logic, buying the Slave4U aphrodisiac off the int...

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The Era of The Dead Maniacs

by MeMyself on Jul 6, 2017
Science Fiction

The federal government doesn't know how to deal with this unpredictable situation, the authorities quickly created walls around the city, restricting the problem. Second, when some of the only uninfected people tried contact – virgin girls of 18 years or more -, they received instructions throwed by drones that advised: 1.Closed places aren't secure; you hav...

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Wife Breaker

by incharger on Jun 5, 2015

It's your 35th birthday. The kids are sleeping over at their friends' houses. Your wife, the demure, petite blonde, is waiting in your bedroom to give you your birthday gift: her. For the night, your wife who has never done anything kinkier than a blowjob is going to be your sex doll. The best part is that she probably has no idea what's coming. She thinks a...

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An Innocent Wish

by Darc_nite on Oct 7, 2005
Science Fiction

"Tomorrow's my birthday, you know...Um, would you like to come?" "Get lost geek" Well that's was just how I had expected it. There was now way any girl would go out with me. Most wouldn't even touch me with a ten foot pole. I sat up on my bed still thinking about the past day. "I'm forever going to be a virgin," I moaned. I fell...

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Virgin hunting - The Pool Party

by echofallout on Sep 8, 2015

Katrina Parker took a sip of her wine, gazed out at the cityscape, on her roof-top pool, and relaxed for the first time in weeks. Katrina, a 35 year old business executive, had just completed a grueling business deal that had started 3 months ago, and kicked into overdrive in the last 3 weeks. Thanks to her work, her company was now sitting on a contract wor...

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A Princess In Need

by throbbin on Mar 6, 2018

It hasn't been a good week for you. Princess and heir to the throne of the second largest country in the world, pampered and protected for all your nineteen years, tutored in every subject of importance and beautiful besides. Yet none of that has helped one bit. The man you were betrothed to for over a decade is now dead and gone, lost in a terrible bridge c...

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The Rulebook

by ashes2ashes on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

You spot the notebook sitting abandoned on the table in the coffee shop. It looks like someone must have left it behind. Picking it up, you open the book to the first page, hoping to find some contact information for the person who lost it. Instead, you see a note on the inside: "The world runs on rules. Schools and companies have their handbooks. Neigh...

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