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Infinite Scroll


by olly on Oct 3, 2017
Mind Control

In the first year of your relationship with Emma you were totally happy, but as time went on you found yourself increasingly sexually frustrated. The almost total lack of sex had been taking its toll on you and the relationship. You knew that if things didn’t change your relationship wouldn’t last. Using this logic, buying the Slave4U aphrodisiac off the int...

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Difficult Choices

by Shroud21 on Sep 13, 2017

Part 1 - Trish's eyes opened slowly, and then the sound of metal on metal filled her ears as she abruptly sat up and pulled against the restraints that held her. Her eyes fell upon the handcuffs holding her left wrist to the thick wooden bed-post, and then to the other which was handcuffed to... she blinked rapidly to clear her eyes, identifying the form n...

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Intrusion Ch. 03

by Ashson on Sep 11, 2017

I had been away on a business trip for a week. It was supposed to be for two weeks but the deal fell though and we finished up coming home early. I rocked up at my place on Friday evening to find a party in progress. You can understand I felt a little surprised, as I live alone. I explained to the intruders that throwing parties in someone else's house was...

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The Domination of Mankind

by cgraven on Sep 16, 2017

Merica sat in class she just couldn't believe she had made it into college. She had always been smart and that had caused her to be resented by the other girls. Merica could still feel the sting of their comments. "All she dose is study…Thinks she's to good for us…She must be a Lizzey you never see her with a boy friend." Her mind slowly came back to the pre...

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Three Short Tales of Violation

by ellynei on Sep 16, 2017

Three short tales of violation One: Cold carpet. *An imagination building little scene. If your imagination is sufficiently dark to carry it. An aperitif, if you will.* A forest? A carpet? For some reason she had expected a king size bed. "Are you ready?" She had expected sweeter words, but 'sure' was a much simpler reply than any complaint. A joking s...

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A Schoolgirl's Lesson Ch. 02

by LordRamsay on Sep 25, 2017

Alice returned from the bathroom. She had cleaned her face and glasses by removing all the spunk that Freddie had ejaculated on to her. She returned to stand in front of him and adopted the classic submissive pose: hands clasped together in front, face down. Freddie meanwhile had zipped himself up and looked up at her as he spoke. "Alice, you have had just...

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Darcy's Punishment

by amasterfound on Dec 12, 2018

Darcy giggled as she looked at the poor sob's crotch. He clearly had blue balls from all of the teasing that she gave him. It served the bastard right for drooling over her ass! Who said that she had to put out, just because she flirted with him? She took a certain sadistic delight in leading boys on for a long time, even occasionally letting them cop a feel...

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Intruder Ch. 07

by StealthBreeder on Sep 25, 2017

Now that I knew everything I needed to about the Ziegler home's security systems, I could proceed against my original targets. Katrina and her daughter Zoë were particularly tantalising. If what Maria had said was true, then Zoë was a teenage virgin with piercings in her cunt and navel; merely picturing Zoë naked was enough to make me instantly hard and posi...

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Game Over

by Damot on Feb 16, 2019
Erotic Couplings

So, I was thinking, how about a story where you have many choices, but only one way to have a happy end? Instead of having different paths and ways to finish the story, there is only one right end to your story, but you will be able to choose nearly every chapter. The only problem is, one choice continues the hero's journey and the other one will be a bad en...

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Lily and the Rape Date with You

by lovingonanisland on Jul 10, 2019

My name is Lily, and my fantasies came true with you. Fantasies are a funny thing, aren't they? We all have them. They well up, sometimes, in a great surge. And when they well up in me my juice plump horny clit gets so fat and hot that it's like a kind of giant swollen knob in my pussy, waiting to have its juices sucked out. The trouble is, my first fantas...

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